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5 Tips for Happier Employees

January 29, 2020 Workhuman Resources

Your employees and culture are your organization’s greatest assets. And it’s not just about making everyone feel good. Creating an environment where your humans are able to be themselves and fill their happiness wells has distinct business advantages.

According to Nataly Kogan, founder of Happier and the Happier @ Work program, happier employees help their colleagues 33% more often, spend 46% more time on their tasks, and report being 65% more energized by their work. Mid-sized companies with happy workplaces have 46% less turnover, 19% less sick leave costs, and 12% greater productivity. Emotional well-being at work also helps employees “find creative solutions to problems, work better as part of a team, and receive more positive reviews and promotions.”

So, how do you create a happier workplace? Experiment with these five tips.

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