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Change the Discussion: How Recognition Drives the Goals of the C-Suite

February 12, 2020 Workhuman Resources

You understand the value social recognition can bring to your organization. You know it will increase productivity, retention, and employee engagement.

But you are stalled in your efforts to create momentum for social recognition across your organization. You need help getting your senior leaders to see what you see, and to act on it. Maybe they don’t understand the incredible value it can bring. They say they don’t have the budget. Perhaps they are dismissive of “human-centered” programs. Or maybe they say they get it, but then continually defer action, saying this just isn’t the year.

We created this guide to help you frame and communicate the value of social recognition in terms that your senior leaders will understand. This guide is designed to help you move your organization along in its journey toward a culture of appreciation and gratitude. Use it, along with direct advice from your Workhuman® consulting team, to open up more in-depth conversations within your company about what social recognition can do to drive your business forward.

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