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Let’s Make Everyday World Gratitude Day.

The true meaning of World Gratitude Day is about giving as well as receiving. The world celebrates the occasion on 21st September, but here at Workhuman®, every day is filled with gratitude. Gratitude lifts us up, rejuvenates our spirit, and gives us a renewed resolve to meet the unprecedented challenges we’re facing today.  

The year 2020 was full of unprecedented change for us all. On top of navigating a new way of working, our teams saw spikes in productivity and collaboration, all while achieving impressive milestones as a company. In just one year, our humans said “thank you” more than 25,800 times. With just under 700 employees across the globe – that’s a lot of thanks to go around! 

Now in 2021, we are looking to understand what gratitude means to our humans, what they have been most grateful for, and ask them how they will be celebrating this year! Here are some of their responses. 

“I’ve always felt grateful for my kids and family although probably took them for granted by prioritizing other things above them sometimes. I think that the pandemic has changed my priorities in a way, so whilst still grateful for the same things I would prioritize my time differently. I now tend to live more in the present and enjoy it, rather than constantly thinking ahead about what I’m doing next. Ultimately, we do not have control over very much in life, but we are able to make choices about what we do & how we live in each moment. 

Practicing gratitude provides a calming and positive feeling and helps to break down barriers either perceived or real.  Gratitude is like someone opening a door for you/or you for them.” 

Elizabeth Patterson, supplier relationship manager 


“It is better to give than to receive is a term we heard often growing up. As an adult practicing gratitude, giving someone the appreciation they deserve is such an empowering feeling. It really makes me happy to genuinely tell someone they’re amazing! It means more now, because it comes from a place of understanding how much effort it took for them to do such a great thing! 

This year on World Gratitude Day I’m celebrating the many ways my kids, family, friends, and co-workers respectively came together to rally in tough situations. More than that, they have all shined in celebration when great things happened! I’m grateful to pull from their determination and positive energy when I’ve needed it most.” 

Dez Rodriguez, corporate sales executive 


“In these unprecedented times I have learned to be most grateful for the gift of time. Actual quality time that I can spend with family and friends making as many memories as possible and capturing these memories in photos. 

I am so aware, now more than ever, how a small gesture of thanks can have the most profound impact on others. A helping hand, a pat on the back, an ear to listen or even just to be there to vent with can make such a difference to someone else’s day. 

If I can accomplish even one of those in a day, then I feel like I have made a difference.  

It’s the most incredible feeling to know that you may have played a small part in making someone else feel special. That connection itself is amazing, and I hope that I continue to emulate that gratitude and positivity throughout my life both personally and professionally.” 

Michelle O’Hara, customer service lead 


"Something I am most grateful for this World Gratitude Day is my health. During a time where things have been so uncertain, being able to focus and work on my health has been beneficial not only physically but mentally as well.  

Living alone I had a lot of time to think and realize what is truly important in life especially the relationships I have with family and friends. The pandemic has made me realize how precious time truly is.  Practicing gratitude allows you to focus on what’s important in your life. You become more appreciative of things that you use to take for granted."

Chris Claude, videographer & video editor

“Practicing gratitude has made feel more connected with those around me. I feel that I am more mindful, less stressed and definitely happier!  

Pre-pandemic I feel like my life was really hectic, and I was always in a rush to get places. Life slowed down during the pandemic which helped me reassess my life and what was important to me. I moved out of the city back to my hometown beside the sea, and close to my family. I’m grateful that I had a job where I could work from home. Having no commute meant that I had more time for myself and I got into the habit of walking before and after work, which has had a huge positive impact my mental health.”  

Simone Crowley, product owner 


Thank you to each of our humans for sharing the true meaning of gratitude.  

Without our humans, it’s just work.   
We. Are. Workhuman. 

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