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What does Gratitude mean to me?

Happy World Gratitude Day! 


Everyone is becoming more and more aware of the true meaning of gratitude and the numbers that practice it daily are constantly increasing. To me, gratitude is about appreciating and being thankful for everything in your life. Whether it is the smallest act of kindness from a stranger or whether it is your family and friends supporting you and being there for you.



Working for a company that is built on gratitude is something that has changed my life. Prior to starting just over a year ago, gratitude was a word I was familiar with but didn’t really understand the true meaning of. However now at work on a daily basis I share moments of recognition with each of my colleagues. Whether you are recognising a colleague for their work or you are being recognised for your own work, both moments are equally powerful. These moments are displayed on a company newsfeed which helps employees stay connected and gives them the opportunity to congratulate one another It really makes you so thankful to be working with these special humans. 


Workhuman values each of the humans that work here. I feel so supported and feel such a sense of belonging in an environment where I can truly bring my whole self to work. Working for me is not just a pay check at the end of the month, it is about having the opportunity to work for a company where you feel respected and where you can develop both personally and professionally. Working for Workhuman means working for a company where you help make a difference in the world of work for nearly 5 million users worldwide. 


World Gratitude Day is a celebration that truly resonates with me. Last year to mark the occasion we hosted a Bring Your Gratitude to Work Day event in both our Dublin and US office. I was delighted to bring my dad in to celebrate this special occasion. It was fantastic to be able to show your appreciation to someone who's a big part of your life while helping him learn about my company and meet everyone I get to work with. It was a brilliant day with plenty of activities that gave us the opportunity to show our guests how grateful we are for them. My dad made the most of the day getting a massage, enjoying our Mad Hatter themed Afternoon Tea and getting a caricature drawn. 



Although celebrations this year will be a little different as we continue to work remotely, we will take today to reflect on everything around us and feel grateful. The whole world is going through a lot of uncertainty right now but one thing that I am certain about is how grateful I am to be surrounded by family and friends as well as to work for a company that is founded on gratitude during these times. 


So my ask to you is, have a think about what and who are you grateful for. Share on social media with the hashtag #WorldGratitudeDay. Let’s make everyday World Gratitude Day.