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Workhuman Live 2020 & Workhuman Certified

I have had the pleasure of attending two Workhuman Lives in the past. Never in my life have I experienced an event quite like it. The energy, the passion, the breakthroughs and moments of inspiration and discovery, the incredible speakers, the fun, the music – every detail down to the smallest is centered and focused on the humans attending to ensure an experience like no other. 


This year, like virtually all other in-person events around the globeWorkhuman Live 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid-19. My colleagues and I were disappointed but, we learned to pivot and push forwardThat’s something I truly admire about Workhuman, about our humans and our customers and our friends – we know how to rally. We know how to make the best of an experience;  to be agile and innovative. We know how to continue making work human – no matter the circumstances. 


What I just experienced with #WHLive2020 was a triumph. If you missed it – watch the replay.  I promise you won’t be disappointed. The virtual event featured Lisa Ling, Claude Silver and our own Eric Mosley, Steve Pemberton, Derek Irvine, Jesse Harriot, and Jen Reimert. We also got to celebrate our amazing customers – Schneider Electric, Baystate Health and Cisco.  


The discussion focused on how we need to bring humanity to workforces, that work must change, that it’s up to us, and the time is now. Building a human-centered workplace has never been more critical, and Workhuman unveiled our newest initiative – Workhuman Certified, a new way to guide and celebrate companies and individuals by bringing greater humanity to the workplace. 


We recognize that as workplace pioneers, we have the opportunity to share our experience and our research with people worldwide. We knew shaping the future of work was important – but with everything going on in the world today, that has never been clearerWe had to take action! 


Workhuman created a way for companies and humans everywhere to have that same experience –  and we’re giving them the tools to make it a reality.  The Workhuman Charter of Workplace Rights is more than just a set of standards. It’s a rally cry for all of us to create a more human workplace.  


Employees have the right to belong, to feel safe, to be paid fairly, to be appreciated.  

I do at Workhuman.  



By living these rights, by creating workplaces that put the human first, we are changing the world of work. You can join us as an individual or as a company. Change can start with one person – and it should be you. 


I’m happy to say that while we couldn’t be together in person for Workhuman Live 2020, I felt the energy, the excitement and the passion through the incredible discussions shared. I’m inspired to get involved and become Workhuman Certified – it’s a way to carry the amazing feeling of respect, appreciation and togetherness we felt during Workhuman Live into our daily lives.  

About the Author

Janna Millette is the recruiting manager at Workhuman and just celebrated 3 years with the company. Surprising no one, she wants to make sure you know we're hiring. Janna's known for her overuse of hashtags, enthusiasm for all things Harry Potter, and planning events in the rain.

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