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Selling the Human Workplace

Alex Reynolds is one of our newest Enterprise Sales Executives living in London and working to expand our client base across EMEA.  When he’s not working to bring more humanity into the workplace, he is bringing his rescue dog “Teddy” for walks around the city – although the poodle mix dog of Cypriot descent loves splashing in the puddles more than getting his steps in! Alex also loves fishing (although he does throw the fish back in!) particularly on his travels around the world and can’t wait to travel again once it’s possible. His last holiday prior to Covid-19 was to Mexico and they were unimpressed with his usual routine of throwing the fish back in once he caught them! 

As a sales professional Alex’s career spans across almost two decades. He was first introduced to the world of sales when he caught up with a friend from college.  His friend thought Alex’s talkative personality and the joy he gets from meeting new people would be well suited to a career in sales. Since then, he has had a number of roles in a broad range of industries from media and communications to technology and SaaS.  

Challenges are something Alex has experienced throughout his career, from building sales teams from the ground up to leading lower performing teams to success. There may have been many obstacles on the way, but Alex looks back on these memories fondly as they have all had an impact on his success. In sales you need to have the courage and resiliency to keep driving new deals.  

“One thing that stood out in each challenge was that every team I have worked with supported each other and was on board in order to be successful as a team. Once you have the right foundations in place you are set up to achieve/ accomplish great things,” he reflects. 

This was one of the many reasons that Alex wanted to join Workhuman®. It is a company where we operate in a very fast-paced constantly evolving environment, but you are supported to do the best work of your life. “The impact of our product and how it helps companies to build authentic cultures makes selling our product suite so rewarding. People buy into our mission of pioneering the human workplace and once we share the data to prove it, our potential clients and customers are intrigued to learn more about us.”  

“I think we have a tremendous opportunity at Workhuman to make a real difference to the way that organisations connect, innovate and collaborate. What’s become very clear to me across the last 12 months is that, as humans, we need connection, so to be able to facilitate that connection and help build cultures of gratitude and inclusivity is really a privilege.  On the international team, the focus is very much on growth, both in terms of headcount and of course our client list! We’re having great conversations every day, whether it’s around DE&I, employee engagement or driving innovation, so it’s a really exciting time and I’m grateful to be a part of this journey!” 

If you want to be a part of this journey, check out our open sales opportunities here. 

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