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Selling during a Global Pandemic- Creating a Human Connection

Over the last 6 months our world has drastically changed, it is harder to create a true human connection working and selling in a virtual world. Casey Londregan had a chance to speak with Alex Paz, Enterprise Sales Executive at Workhuman about how selling has changed during the pandemic:

How have things changed for you personally during the Pandemic?

As a father and husband in a dual career household, the craziness has been dialed up to 11. My wife and I must play roles neither of us are trained or qualified for, nor do we have the luxury of learning to do it well over time. We have learned to come together as a family, be more patient with one another and have a greater appreciation for the little things like being able to go out for a bike ride or read together as a family. 


How have things changed for you professionally during the Pandemic?

A lot of the work we do is focused on challenging the status quo which becomes exponentially harder given the external circumstances many of our current and future customers are facing.  Helping our customers to be change agents requires trust and that takes time to build. I think a lot of salespeople including myself miss the face-to-face interactions to help build those relationships. Interacting entirely via Zoom/Teams or phone is difficult, but you adapt and do your best to connect with each person you meet along the way. 

What are you doing differently as a Sales Rep to connect with your customers?

I have increased my focus on being present. Customers now more than ever want to partner with sales professionals who have a genuine desire to talk less and listen more. I try to use our shared experiences managing around the pandemic to tell stories about how critical it is to be connected and how those connections - whether it be in the form of recognition, developmental feedback or sharing in life’s moments outside of work - help to drive a better employee experience, which in turn drives better business outcomes.


What have been some struggles for you in sales during this time?

Sales is a stressful and demanding profession which of course has only become heightened during a time when our prospective clients have so many competing priorities.  We want to teach our kids to be resilient, but that it is also ok to admit you’re feeling overwhelmed. It has been challenging to consistently set the example for our kids; there have been many times when they’ve handled it better than we have.


What tips/recommendations can you provide for working successful as a sales rep through this pandemic?

Salespeople in general tend to do well in stressful situations and are used to the ebb and flow of the buying journey, so I’d say keep having and projecting a healthy enthusiasm for better times.  Take time to learn about what you’re doing well and what areas you can improve and remove the excuses for not making strides in bridging those gaps.  And mostly, be true to yourself – changing who you are as a person during these trying times is not going to make the journey any easier or shorter.

A big thank you to Alex for sharing how he is navigating our new world. Want to join a team that is continuing to focus on the importance of working human? Check out our sales career opportunities – we’d love to hear from you!

Casey Londregan, Senior Recruitment Partner