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Life as a Customer Service Executive

Honest, happy and helpful! That is how Jamie’s customer service colleagues describe him. 

Jamie lives in the countryside with his family and his dog. He loves to travel and is a very honest person although he does say that is his Dutch blood!  

“I love watching football, boxing and kickboxing as practicing as well. But unfortunately, it is not possible to practice anymore. I love good food, music and comedy and I love to figure out my own DNA line. I also have an interest in the Viking times and the incredible nature we have here in Ireland and other countries.” 

“I started working when I was 13 years old delivering newspapers and when I was 15 years old I worked in a grocery shop. After this I started my career in the logistics industry and started driving trucks. This was a job that had many challenges at times. One of the biggest challenges I faced was working as a truck driver in the Netherlands and I was driving the truck back from another company. You think this would be easy, right?! Well, the weather conditions were freezing and it was snowing outside. To make matters worse, the drive also included lots of hills. This drive would normally take 10 minutes but on this day, it took 2 hours, and I was watching many other trucks slipping away and struggling on the hills. It took resilience and concentration to arrive back safely and ensure no accidents occurred.” 

“Whilst I was working this job, I met my wife and we decided to move from the Netherlands to Brazil. When we moved countries, I was searching for jobs and when I started to explore jobs in customer service and read the job descriptions, I knew this role was the right match for me. It was very different to the roles I was used to, but I knew my skills would be great in helping customers. Later in my customer service career I knew I wanted to apply for a role with Workhuman as I wanted to work for a company that cared about their customers and work with great people.”  

“At Workhuman my job is all about helping customers, so they have the best experience. When I start the day, I never know what to expect. I receive phone calls and emails about all kind of cases, from tracking orders to follow up on or placing orders on behalf of a customer. We have over 7 million users on our product in over 180 countries, every day is interesting, and no day is ever the same! Our product is available in over 30 languages, and I support our Dutch and English-speaking customers. t will never be bored and all the time the same. What is nice is that I always have great colleagues who are willing to help me."

"The culture inside Workhuman is very positive and everyone is very friendly and helpful. 
For me it makes the day a lot easier and the challenges you sometimes can face!” 

"Workhuman is a company who are truly great for their employees and customers. The salary and benefits are very good, you have growth opportunities and great colleagues what more can you wish for?!  See below a picture from one of the many nice walks in the Irish countryside with my son."


“In the future, I hope Workhuman will keep expanding and growing. I want every customer to feel like they really matter and that we are the best customer service in the world. This is a company where I also wish to grow my career and develop further, perhaps in the sales team and further support Workhuman in bringing on new customers to use our platform.”

Without our humans, it’s just work.  
We. Are. Workhuman.

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