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Helping CHROs Unlock the Power of People

Leaders in all parts of an organization are driven to understand, prioritize, and solve challenges while building a workplace culture that drives engagement and retention. Through the creative application of technology, Social Recognition can play a powerful role in driving an organization’s performance.  The Workhuman Cloud® is a comprehensive performance management tool that encompasses Social Recognition powered by trailblazing research. This tool has the ability to uncover best practices, bring analytical insights to the forefront of efforts to augment the employee experience, and in turn improve diversity, equity and inclusionretentionproductivity, onboarding and so much more.  


As a Strategic Client Director, my role at Workhuman® focusses on engaging CHROs on how they can leverage the power of their people to drive growth, while also making a meaningful contribution to the strategic vision and goals of their organizationBy optimizing the Workhuman product suite, CHROs and their teams have the power to fuel innovation and create a thriving culture at their fingertips – representing  a transformational platform that enhances the full power of a workforce is truly rewarding. 

Before joining Workhuman, I built a successful career in sales and relationship management working across a client base of global enterprise organizations. Through each role, I’ve focused on helping clients leverage technology to realize their strategic imperatives. In addition to working across diverse client base, I also completed an MBA at Warwick Business School and through my studies, I developed a greater awareness of the impact of the CHRO and the vital role they play in designing and executing an effective People Strategy to support and enhance their organization’s culture and shore up a sustainable competitive advantage. Joining Workhuman presented a unique opportunity to apply all the skills I have honed throughout my career, and apply them to the aspirations and goals of the office of the CHRO. 

As a core ethos of Workhuman, we are working to support people – and each customer has their own unique challenges. Our team gets to work with clients on optimizing how they use our products, and we help them achieve their goals and produce measurable results in partnership with our data sciencemarketing, and customer success teams to deliver the right matrix of solutions. Workhuman is a company that is unafraid to take a stand in the industry. We put our mission and values first, and we are guided by our north star of making the workplace more human so that people can thrive and in turn businesses benefit from better employee performancegreater employee satisfaction, commitment, and more positive financial outcomes. To thrive at Workhuman, you have to have an interest in this mission – it's what keeps all of us moving in the same direction.  


As an employee at Workhuman, I am recognized for who I am beyond my job title, and I’m celebrated for all of the things that make me, me. The work we are doing to help organizations bring that to their people on a global scale keeps me inspired and driven to do my best work every day.