Halloween 2020: Celebrating Virtually With Workhuman

October 30, 2020 Janna Millette


If you’ve been at Workhuman for at least a year, you would have experienced what I like to refer to as HALLOWEEN (not Halloween, but HALLOWEEN)! We do not celebrate lightly, we do not go half in. Workhuman is committed to this holiday – and truly all holidays – but Halloween really kicks off the season for us.

In years past there have been department decorating competitions, spooky treats, an adorable Halloween event where families and children paraded around the office trick or treating, and a very competitive Halloween costume contest for all employees. Has your head of sales dressed up as Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly? How about your CFO as the host of “The Price Is Right”? Or your CEO as the Pope? When I say we are committed to Halloween – I really mean it.

Departments have done hilarious group costumes, ranging from 101 Dalmatians, to Baby Shark, to Cards Against HR, to the villains of your favorite Disney movies. There are prizes for scariest, best group, and more.

Laury D’Oliveira, U.S. office manager, shared her thoughts around why we celebrate the way we do at Workhuman: “I believe that celebrations at Workhuman serve a couple different purposes. As humans, we naturally crave connection to each other. As a company, we are growing at an amazingly fast pace. Even in the best of times we may not see the same people that we used to on a daily basis. However, celebrations give us the chance to bring our humans together in one space, to co-mingle, to see colleagues and friends. To chat, to laugh, to hug. But celebrations do even more! They reassure us of the positive in our lives, the best of what is happening. They give us a pause from the day-to-day grind.  Celebrations make us more human.”

Jillian Gregoriou, a member of our customer experience team, shared, “Workhuman’s culture is built on celebration. Recognizing accomplishments, celebrating the wins, and appreciating the human connection. Keeping up that energy from ‘afar’ has been paramount to keeping our culture strong and steady!” 

So with this sentiment in mind, knowing that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate in person, our incredible experience and events team went above and beyond to ensure our humans could stay connected, celebrate ,and enjoy some spooky fun in the midst of this unprecedented year.

There have been virtual Murder Mystery events, desk decorating contests, and pumpkin carving contests, and we’re currently running a costume competition. (Can you tell we love the Halloween competitions around here?) There are special Halloween events for the kids, including a costume coloring event via Zoom. Parents were also able to sign up to receive a special care package in the mail for a spooky scavenger hunt. Each meeting is full of festive Zoom backgrounds and I’ve seen my fair share of animal ears, witches’ hats, and hints of Halloween all week. Our Halloween Slack channel has been full of photos, commentary, and fun.

We asked Laury how she hopes our humans will feel while celebrating this week, and she responded, “I hope that our humans feel a sense of what it was like, and will be again when we are all together, in our office, as one team celebrating something fun and light. To take a moment away from life’s challenges and laugh with our colleagues and our children.”

Caoimhe Dunbar, employee programs manager in our Dublin office, further shared, “I hope these events remind our humans that we are all in this together and that even though we are apart, we are all going through similar things and are still looking forward to our annual traditions. I hope they are reminded of the camaraderie that exists and the creativity we extract from each other – even it is purely driven by competitiveness!”

Celebrating is a huge part of who we are at Workhuman – it’s the foundation of our software, but it’s also at the very center of our values.

Sara Welch, U.S. HR events manager shared, “I believe celebrations are important to our culture, especially now as we are working remotely. Our culture and traditions are what makes our employee experience so fabulous. This time of year is where the employees shine the most through gatherings and sharing their own holiday traditions with their coworkers. We are going to try and bring this magic to them at home and still get them involved in events online. We all miss each other so much so I believe it is important to continue these celebrations to laugh and enjoy each other.”

It’s been amazing to connect and enjoy this holiday together, even if from afar. It’s so important to us and our culture at Workhuman to continue these traditions. Caoimhe summed up, “Covid-19 has provided us with an opportunity to work more globally and ensure our events and engagement programs are consistent worldwide. We may be physically seeing less of each other, but I believe we are now closer than ever!”

A massive thanks to the experience and events team for making this holiday incredibly special for our humans and our families.

If you’re not already following along on our @LifeatWorkhuman Instagram, head on over to enjoy photos from our Halloween celebrations! We will continue to connect and celebrate virtually as we await the time we can be together again.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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Janna Millette is the recruiting manager at Workhuman and just celebrated 3 years with the company. Surprising no one, she wants to make sure you know we're hiring. Janna's known for her overuse of hashtags, enthusiasm for all things Harry Potter, and planning events in the rain.

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