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Guil Volpi and the Road to Customer Success

Diplomatic, a bit reserved and someone who is always looking for solutions to everyday situations/problems. That is exactly how Guil’s teammates would describe him! 

Guil is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but is terrible at football and dancing – particularly the samba...He does love a good caipirinha, though! 

Outside of work he plays the guitar, the drums, and sings. In fact, he used to have a band with his cousins. Not to mention he is a  boardgame aficionado, so he was quite looking forward to celebrating National Board Game Day at our offices this week!  

“My entire family is made up of engineers – my dad, uncles and, cousins – so I originally decided to follow the same path. My intention was to work abroad as a civil engineer, but my plans completely changed when I joined Workhuman. And I never looked back! 


“I graduated in civil engineering and moved to Ireland to improve my English skills and experience a different culture. I love travelling and have lived in five countries: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Portugal, and Ireland.  

“When I moved to Ireland, I was looking for a role where I could speak the languages I know, i.e. Portuguese, Spanish and English, and I found an opportunity within Workhuman as a customer service executive. I immediately fell in love with the company, the people, and the culture. Everyone was so friendly, welcoming, and grateful.  

“I’ve always enjoyed dealing with people, so I started looking for a new career path that would allow me to spend more time building relationships. After a year and a half with the company, I was presented with an opportunity to join a newly created team called Client Services, where I would help manage small and medium businesses accounts. This role was perfect for me and ended up being a gateway to Customer Success, which is the team I joined after two years of being a client services administrator.” 

About his biggest accomplishments at Workhuman, Guil explained: “My biggest accomplishment was becoming a customer success manager. This was my goal for long time, and after gaining experience from Customer Service and Client Service, I was finally able to prove my value and become a customer success manager.  

“My biggest challenge to date has been the amount of knowledge I had to learn and maintain, both from an internal standpoint (product, processes, understand people´s roles, new releases, etc) and from a client standpoint (what does the client do, what are their challenges, what is unique about their program, who are the key contacts, what are their challenges, etc).“ 

In regard to the Workhuman itself, Guil thinks the company has a great product at just the right point in time.  

“Organizations around the world are realizing that the most important asset they have is their people. With that, culture, recognition, connectedness and belonging becomes the focus. As companies invest in their people, Workhuman continues to grow and become a well know player in the field, allowing us to double down on improving our current products and creating newer and smarter solutions that will make the world´s workforce more human.  

“As customer success managers, we make sure these organizations get the best possible return on their recognition investment, and with that, show the world that their businesses are thriving because their workforces feel connected, recognized, and included.  


“I think it’s crucial to understand the industry, your clients, and the product you offer as much as you can. Customer success is a great career as it allows you to meet a lot of interesting individuals and create strong relationships based on trust.  

“Workhuman is definitely a great place to start or continue your career journey. Here you will feel connected with your colleagues, you will be recognized for your efforts, and you will work with a product that makes a difference in the world.”  

Without our humans, it’s just work.  
We. Are. Workhuman.

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