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Experiencing Life Events as a Workhuman Employee

At Workhuman, our mission is no secret... we want to make the workplace more human for employees at organizations across the globe – starting with our own.

As superusers of our own product, nobody knows the impact of our Life Events platform better than our own employees who get to use it every day.  

Our humans work hard together to accomplish their goals and bring new and innovative ideas to the table. But just as important as these professional success stories are the many milestones that take place outside of work. Babies are being born. New homes are being purchased. Runners are training for their first marathon. Who we are at work provides only a small glimpse into what makes us whole as humans. When we blend the two together, we're able to form deeper relationships with our colleagues. Finding the common ground that connects us allows us to celebrate one another in a unique way, and lays the foundation for building lasting relationships across the organization. 

Hear firsthand from some of our employees about what it feels like to be able to celebrate with their colleagues!