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Day in the Life of a Customer Service Executive

Welcome to our Day in the Life feature! In this edition, Marcelo Santos gives us insight into his role as a customer service executive and what he enjoys about #LifeatWorkhuman. 

1.Can you describe the impact you make at Workhuman®, both within your role and on your team? 

Our mission as Workhuman is to make the workplace more human, and the same goes when it comes to our customer service. As customer service executives, we are the main point of contact for our customers, and for us there is just one rule that can’t be broken: we want their experience with us to be as personal and humanised as possible. 

Seeing the positive impact my team and I have on our customers lives is hugely rewarding. We receive feedback each week from our CSAT (customer satisfaction survey), and seeing their positive words written in front of us continues to inspire and motivate me to always put the human and customer experience at the center of everything we do.