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13 Ways our humans are looking after themselves this Digital Wellness Day

Happy Digital Wellness Day!

When we celebrate Digital Wellness Day we begin to think what is digital wellness? Our lives are surrounded by the temptation of screens everywhere. Whether it be using our laptops to work and online shop, our phones to scroll through social media and keep in contact with friends and family or watching the tv as a mechanism “switch off” in the evening time. At Workhuman®, we strive to support our humans and build a better future for the workplace – and beyond – through our technology and our people. Whether it be providing healthy cooking classes, weekly yoga class or monthly fitness challenges we are all working together to look after one another. However, as much as we can try to be more aware, we should not beat ourselves up when it comes to digital detoxing as technology is addictive!  

We decided to ask members of our Wellness and WHFit interest groups what they do to look after themselves and achieve wellness in their lives and here’s what they had to say! 

1. “My daughters often say adults are the worst when it comes to mobile devices! I am conscious of setting an example as I want to encourage my daughters that we can all “switch off” from technology and don’t always have to be on our phones. One way I try to unplug from digital devices, is last thing at night I write down three things I am grateful for in my five year gratitude journal. As well as feeling gratitude for today, I get to see what I was grateful for on the same day in previous years! So simple yet so powerful.” Michelle McDaid, Director of Engineering. 

2. "Taking this little guy for a walk every morning and evening around the local area and knowing that he is content with very little in life other than this and getting treats helps put life into perspective... it's the little things that count." Kevin Kenny, Technical Services Specialist.

3. "I use an “old time” alarm clock instead of my phone’s alarm, so I can leave my phone out of the room to charge (and keep me out of the internet rabbit hole)." Colleen Finnerty, Senior Director, Global Human Experience Communications. 

4. "Here is our walking, (very much) talking alarm clock  - which can't be snoozed! He is entirely responsible for ensuring our morning walk goes ahead, which is something I find invaluable for wellness, and starting the day with some fresh air and exercise really lifts my moodI would always recommend trying to get some fresh air whenever possible before embarking on a day of work." Greg Hanley, Senior Software Engineer.

5. "I've been really struggling with the isolation aspects and missing my friends and colleagues. To combat this, I stuck a couple of hundred of my favourite pics from photoshoots, along with a load of random pics from company events, on to a digital photo-frame.  I keep this in my work area, under my monitors, on random play, so every few minutes there's a new picture to remind me of fun times and my Workhuman family." Grant MacDonald, Senior Systems Engineer.

6. My favourite thing to do on a nice morning is go for a swimit makes you feel like you've done something really nice for the day before even starting work.” Lynsey MacGowan, Product Designer. 

7. "I really see the benefit in fresh air on peaceful morning walk, ending with a delicious breakfast. This is my time to relax and it's great thing to do before starting a day of work." Katy Conea, Junior Financial Accountant.

8. "Every Christmas I'm given novelty socks that I get to wear for a few days and always bring a smile to my face. Each morning now I pull on a different pair - which make me smile and brighten my day." Stephen Fensom, Delivery Lead.

9. "When my wife works from home, we go for a walk in Corkagh Park during the lunch. If I’m alone, I cook dinner. Most of the time I charge my batteries after the work. Every day it’s either swim, walk in the park or just supporting my son’s hobbies." Lukas Adamus, Customer Service Executive.

10. "Since restrictions have lifted I have been trying to get out to the sea a lot (I haven't braved the swim just yet) but I love it. This is from Seapoint, Dublin a recent evening after work where I met my nanny (fully vaccinated now) for a cup of tea from our flasks and watching the sunset." Sarah Murphy, Customer Experience Implementation Lead.

11.  "I really enjoy our daily team huddle from a social & work perspective, it means we see each other each day and can chat about anything that's happening in our world and sometimes work too." Josephine Ryan, Customer Success Director.

12. "Daily walks with this little man (Freddie:feet:definitely helps me detach from my workstation and get some fresh air every day! Working from home also allows me to continue my healthy smoothie addiction. Tanya Murray, Human Experience Co-ordinator.

13. "I find taking time each day to walk the dogs and have some time to think/ reflect is really helpful. We recently added to our 'furry family' by taking in a rescue dog, who turned out to be pregnant! On a walk, one dog is a companion, two dogs are chaos, but three ... that's where the fun starts!" Stuart Curtis, Senior Director,  Global Talent Development.

Without our humans, it’s just work.  
We. Are. Workhuman.

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