WorldatWork Webinar – Ignite Employee Engagement: A New Framework for Bringing Out the Best in Your People

November 4, 2020 Sarah Bloznalis

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that the old ways of working no longer apply, and enlightened business leaders are ready for change. As an intern here at Workhuman®, set to graduate in 2021, I have watched the state of work transform before my eyes. Surely, we have all faced challenges this year, yet we should not be discouraged. 

In fact, now is the perfect opportunity to focus on creating genuine moments of human connection in the workplace. To that end, Workhuman and WorldatWork will host an insightful webinar, “Ignite Employee Engagement: A New Framework for Bringing Out the Best in Your People,” on Nov. 12 at 12 p.m. ET with speakers Chary Krout, co-owner and partner at Cultivate, and Derek Irvine, SVP of strategy and consulting.

In this webinar, these two HR experts will discuss a simple framework that can serve as a guiding light for your HR strategy in 2021 and beyond. As we embrace a better way of working, developing a culture fueled with engagement, inclusion, and trust is essential for every organization. They’ll answer:

  • How empowering everyone to give recognition with a tangible reward promotes a sense of belonging and cohesion – creating a crowdsourced picture of employee performance
  • Why traditional performance management is being replaced by a continuous stream of check-ins, team feedback, and agile goal setting
  • Ways to reinforce community in the new world of work by celebrating important milestones, such as an anniversary, marriage, birth, or graduation

Together, Chary and Derek will uncover how organizations can not only take care of their people, but also help the business thrive in the midst of constant uncertainty. You’ll leave with the insights you need to bring out the best in your people and build a truly great workplace culture.

Our world has changed, and neither organizations nor their humans can ignore this monumental shift. Now is the time to embrace humanity in the workplace, and this webinar will help get you started.


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