Workhuman Session Spotlight: Navigating Employee Emotions at Work

February 13, 2019 Laurie Ruettimann

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I've worked in human resources for more than 20 years. While companies and recruiting teams try to differentiate themselves through sophisticated employer branding campaigns, I believe our workforce shares a common ground.

When we go to work, we look for supportive cultures that value mental health, physiological safety, and using mindfulness to reduce stress. Most of us want to work for leaders and supervisors who see us as complete and compelling human beings.

How do we create human-centric cultures that attract and keep the best talent? That's what we'll explore in the "Navigating Employee Emotions at Work" track at Workhuman 2019, March 18-21 in Nashville, Tenn.

Navigating Employee Emotions at Work

Behind the walls of every company are the fascinating and sophisticated individuals who make it run. Each of us is unique, and we all experience different challenges and emotional states every day. What’s important is that work stays human and meets employees wherever they are.

As a manager, how do you emulate compassionate leadership while focusing on business objectives? As an HR professional, how do you express empathy while ensuring compliance and limiting exposure?

The "Navigating Employee Emotions at Work" track at WorkHuman will focus on handling sensitive issues while still appreciating the similarities and differences with one another.

We'll be hosting a CHRO panel that tackles the critical question, "Where Does HR Sit in the Age of Social Impact?" If you've ever wondered how corporate social responsibility intersects with fiduciary accountability, this panel is for you.

Because work is about more than a paycheck, we're featuring a session called, "Mindfulness and Compassion: Core Business Strategies for 21st-Century Leaders." Jacqueline Carter and Marissa Afton, key opinion leaders in the world of HR, will challenge you to raise your game while taking a human-centric approach to HR.

Work doesn't happen in a vacuum. Dr. Katherine Smith, an international speaker and thought leader, will speak about how to understand the lingering effects of assault and harassment. And Stephanie Blakey and Jennifer Crow will share a case study on grief in the workplace.

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Want to transform and change your culture in 2019? Liane Davey, Ph.D., is a best-selling author and speaker coming to WorkHuman to teach us how to embrace conflict and grow our bottom line. Instead of focusing on compliance, Elizabeth Brown will show us how to shift our training on culture and prevent workplace harassment and other unprofessional experiences at the office.

Finally, Mary Faulkner will bring her years of HR experience to WorkHuman and give it to us straight. Sometimes people have medical conditions at work. An inclusive culture isn't inclusive unless we consider the employee experience of all workers.

See you in Nashville!

Workhuman is an event unlike any other. There are more than 70 breakout sessions across eight content tracks, covering topics like diversity and equality, modern performance management, creating cultures of community, and the value of bringing humanity to the workplace.

If you're interested in understanding and navigating employee emotions, WorkHuman is the event for you. If you attend, you can receive 17 SHRM, 17 HRCI, and 17 HRPA credits, and 17 APTD and CPLP recertification points, plus 2.5 WorldatWork credits.

Navigating employee emotions will never be easy, but it's possible to create a culture of compassion and empathy that wins the hearts and minds of your workforce. Join us March 18-21 in Nashville for Workhuman, where HR and business leaders come together as a community to educate and inspire one another.

See you then!

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