Workhuman Joins Unilever's Accelerating Agile Event

February 11, 2020 Sarah Mulcahy

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Achieving organizational agility can seem like an elusive concept. And yet the ability for a company to move quickly and easily to meet market needs in the new world of work is crucial. It takes all functional areas, including HR, compensation, and reward leaders, rethinking processes and policies to help organizations transition to a more agile mindset.

In an effort to collaboratively address these challenges across industries and companies, Unilever is hosting a one-day event called Accelerating Agile, February 26, at Corinthia London. Some thought-provoking questions the event seeks to answer are:

  • How will we share the way work gets done in the future?
  • How will we reward our people in an agile and less hierarchical organization?
  • How will we integrate agile with established regulatory frameworks?

You can register for the event and learn more here:

At Accelerating Agile, Derek Irvine, senior vice president, client strategy and consulting at Workhuman, will speak about how crowdsourced pay can unlock hierarchy and be the enabler for agile ways of working. This is a much more innovative approach than traditional reward and compensation strategies, which are fixed on an annual cycle of merit increases and bonuses and hardly represent the way work actually gets done.

As part of his talk, Derek will walk attendees through an exercise that brings to life the idea of crowdsourcing human moments that matter at work in three fundamental ways: thank, talk, and celebrate. For companies looking to become more nimble and agile, building in more opportunities for peers to share gratitude and connect to shared purpose has been proven to deliver ROI time and again.

“As traditional hierarchies morph into more flexible structures, we need to respond with agility to meet the needs of our markets, our business, and our employees,” says Leena Nair, chief human resources officer at Unilever. We couldn’t agree more and we’re thrilled to be a part of this important conversation.


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