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October 18, 2019 Dan Miller

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With Disney World a 12-minute drive away, you’d think it was the fairy dust that inspired the thought leadership and product strategy at Workday Rising in Orlando.


Great conversation and insights occur when like-minded humans get together and openly share their industry knowledge and real-world experience. Over the last few days, the assembled community of top business leaders, product gurus, and analysts discussed solutions to complex challenges while exploring what’s possible with technology to shape the future of business and the world.

No magic required. Just the power of connections.

Workhuman® was at the Orange County Convention Center as a Signature sponsor, demonstrating the value of Workhuman® Cloud, a suite of human applications that helps forward-thinking companies energize their cultures, unlock their employees’ passion and potential, and unite their workforce around a shared purpose.

Workhuman was one of the first Workday partners, developing an integrated solution in 2012. As a Select partner, more than 40% of Workhuman customers – which have invested in social recognition – use Workday Human Capital Management (HCM). That number continues to grow as new and current customers realize the ease of implementation and long-term, enterprise value.

“I find the Workday product to be on the cutting edge of any HCM solution I ever had the opportunity to work with,” said Rob Schmitter, a Workhuman solutions architect attending the conference. “Workday has done an impressive job in terms of dealing with many of the long-term human capital management software limitations.

“Everything is changing and being disrupted. If you don’t change and adapt, you will go obsolete. It’s not business as usual. How will you lead in a changing world?”

Workday and Workhuman are at the forefront of machine learning, both with the aim of surfacing insights and improving the employee experience The Workhuman Analytics & Research Institute, a team of industrial-organizational psychologists and data scientists at Workhuman, helps customers identify hidden insights through recognition data that leads to quantifiable business outcomes.



In Orlando, the Workhuman ties were everywhere – from our customers that benefit from a Workday-Workhuman integration, to the closing keynote delivered by best-selling author and positive psychology researcher Michelle Gielan. Indeed, Michelle participated in two Workhuman® Live conferences, delivering a talk in 2016 and interviewing keynotes Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Chaz Bono in 2018.

The speed of business is dizzying, and Workday Rising does its best to make sense of it. If you couldn’t join us in Orlando, the Workhuman team is headed to Milan, Italy, for Workday Rising Europe Nov. 12-14.

Are you a Workday customer or currently going through a Workday implementation? Did you know you can quickly and easily launch a recognition solution that integrates seamlessly with your Workday HCM solution? We’d love to hear from you.


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