Workhuman Book Club: talking trust with David Horsager

July 2, 2019 Jess Huckins

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David Horsager

Each month, the Workhuman® Book Club reads and reviews a book related to working more human. June found us discussing trust in business with Workhuman® Live speaker and CEO of the Trust Edge Leadership Institute David Horsager, who wrote “The Trust Edge.”

David was kind enough to join us for a Twitter chat last week (follow him @DavidHorsager), where he took questions and gave advice on vulnerability, meetings, remote workers, interviewing candidates, and other areas of business where trust – and humanity – are vital.

Here are his answers:

1. Why is a lack of trust the biggest expense in business?

David tweet 1

2. How do you suggest business leaders balance transparency with confidentiality?

David tweet 2.1

David tweet 2.2

3. You say that one way to build trust is to “hire on character first.” Do you have a good screener question to help avoid an untrustworthy hire?

David tweet 3

4. For many of us, meetings make up most of our day at work. How can meeting organizers build more trust?

David tweet 4

5. What about remote workers? How can you build trust capital with people you don’t see every day?

David tweet 5

6. What’s one thing you see leaders do that immediately erodes trust?

David tweet 6

(I love that he went above and beyond and gave us four things, not just one!)

7. Do you have any tips for helping employees trust in leadership if they’ve been burned by past managers or jobs?

David tweet 7

8. A lot of people struggle to be vulnerable, which interferes with genuine interactions. What is your best tip for people who want to open up?

David tweet 8

9. Organizations are increasingly more diverse. How do you think age and/or gender impact trust in the workplace?

David tweet 9

10. What did you like best about attending Workhuman Live?

David tweet 10

To see the whole Twitter chat, including David’s answers to questions from the audience and deeper conversations on a few of the above topics, check it out here.

And be sure to join us on Friday, July 26, 2019, at 2 p.m. ET. for our next Workhuman Book Club Twitter chat. We’ll be talking performance management with Jason Lauritsen (@JasonLauristen) and Tamra Chandler (@mtchandler).


Workhuman Book Club: "The Trust Edge" by David Horsager

How human workplaces earn and keep employees' trust

Get emotional, and other tips for building trust

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