Witnessing the Beginning of a Movement

June 11, 2015 Darcy Jacobsen

Ten months ago, it was just an idea.

It was audacious. It was risky. It was a little breathtaking. And we hoped it would work. We hoped we had enough time to put it together. We hoped we weren’t too far ahead of the curve. We hoped that putting “another HR conference” in between Total Rewards and SHRM wasn’t going to be event suicide.

But this wasn’t another HR conference. And at Globoforce, we tend to follow our own star. That star led us to a place called WorkHuman 2015.

I’ll be honest though, I’ve been on pins for the last few weeks, and starting Monday June 8th, I began holding my breath. Not every person with vision hits a home run. Not every idea catches the wave at exactly the right time.

As someone deeply involved with the programming of WorkHuman, I worried. Would the speakers we chose resonate? Would you feel like it was the right mix of content and human connection. Would you learn? Would you have fun? Would you connect to one another and to the conversation?

Well, I needn’t have worried. Because from the first registration, it was clear that—as a group—not only did you “get it,” but that you had been waiting around for someone to come along and pull you together into a community. To turn a feeling and an idea into a movement.

A few years ago at HR Tech in Las Vegas, I had a winning streak on the video slot machines. Being behind the scenes, this conference felt a little like that to me. For three days, we, in a figurative sense, bet the house on each successive experience and each time the response and positivity from you was overwhelming and humbling. But I continued on holding my breath until the last presenter stepped off the last stage.

people gatheringAnd an amazing thing happened.

This event that we’d held in our minds for so long came to life. We created it like a beautiful house, and then you came, and you inhabited it with all of your passion and all of your energy and you made it into something that was all that we had dreamed… but so, so much more. A home. This conference turned into a community of ideas. And these three days in Orlando have sparked a movement whose time has come.

So, I wanted to blog to say thank you. (And I may be getting a little misty as I write this.) Thank you for validating what we knew to be true. Thank you for your generous response to our efforts. It was our first big event and what we lacked in experience we hope we made up for in passion. We wanted to bring you something really special and your enthusiasm and kindness in turn made us feel really special.

Bulletin board with valuesBecause, for us at Globoforce, this was the ultimate team-building experience. We were following our hearts and making ourselves a little vulnerable. You may not know, but this conference was only just named in January. We really only started working on it in earnest in February. It has been a sprint. And what a rewarding one! We’ve had flow. We have been ridiculously engaged in our work. We have loved every minute of every day of watching this conference bloom. And we’ve been so, so happy to be able to give it to you.

But we have work to do, now.

Whiteboard with stickersTogether, you are the evangelists for WorkHuman, and you are the messengers that can bring this conference home to your workplaces and your efforts to make your own cultures more human.

At Globoforce, we will continue to nurture and facilitate this conversation, but only you can broaden the circle of this community and gather together others who understand the vision.

Please share this event. Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t. Soon we will make the content available to you, but in the meantime we have these two videos I’ve shared in this post, and you have your stories, and what you learned. Invite more people into this tent and pay forward what you learned here with us, this week.

Thank you, so much, for taking a risk on WorkHuman, and for being part of this journey to the workplace of the future.


Meditative Running at WorkHuman

Some of the Humans Behind WorkHuman

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Meditative Running at WorkHuman
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