Webinar: How to Build a Culture of Gratitude (And Why It's So Important)

May 31, 2019 Aaron Kinne


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It seems gratitude and its impact on workplace culture is one of the hottest topics in HR today.

But to those of us at Workhuman®, gratitude – as expressed through Social Recognition® – has been part of our DNA for quite some time. So much so that this year an entire content track – “Applying the Value of Gratitude” – was dedicated to the topic at Workhuman® Live 2019 in Nashville.

I had the privilege of attending and reporting on those sessions, so I’m particularly excited to share more information about an upcoming webinar hosted by Workhuman on Thursday, June 6.

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“How to build a culture of gratitude (and why it’s so important)” – featuring  Workhuman data scientist Alan Medinger and HR business partner and organizational psychologist Sharon Pollard – will draw on the vast data troves of the Workhuman® Analytics & Research Institute and real-life experiences of Workhuman customers such as Baystate Health, LinkedIn, and Cardinal Health. These leading experts will explore proven, time-tested strategies for building a culture shaped by gratitude.  

Alan and Sharon will show you how gratitude can be built into every organizational process that involves people – social recognition, performance management, service milestones, life events, and beyond. They’ll explore how gratitude:

  • Promotes strong teamwork and camaraderie
  • Lays a foundation of organizational positivity and social connection
  • Boosts well-being and resilience
  • Boosts culture, retention, and engagement

In short, the more gratitude in a company, the better it performs. And that isn’t just a hypothesis.

I know I’ve already marked my calendar for this must-attend event. Shouldn’t you?

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