Top 5 Reasons to Love Workhuman 2019

February 14, 2019 Erin Miller


When I attended my first Workhuman I felt like I had found my people. There were humans from all over the world – small companies, large companies, and different industries. I found many people right away who have huge hearts and want the best for everyone. As I’ve built my WorkHuman network, the theme among all of these people is humanity. I truly believe the people who attend Workhuman are going to change our world.

I’m so excited to attend my fifth Workhuman conference in March. If you’ve never been, or are looking for some inspiration, read on for my top 5 reasons why you should join me.

1. Community

The CEOs, HR professionals, and coaches I have met through Workhuman are some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever come across. People who attend WorkHuman come by inclusion and building a sense of belonging naturally. I attended my first Workhuman by myself and left with LinkedIn connections, email addresses, cell phone numbers, and follow-up meetings. By the end of Workhuman, I felt I had a new army of inspiration at my back to help me tackle what was waiting for me back at the office. I left with great advice and a feeling that I’m not the only one who believes work can (and should) be better. Over coffees and lunches, my new friends were helping me troubleshoot and solve issues. I was a sounding board for them. We were helping each other be seen and heard. This community is the strongest community I’ve ever been a part of.

2. Empathy

Building empathy is work that has to be done daily. The speakers and breakout sessions at Workhuman help give you the required tools to facilitate meaningful conversations in the workplace. You hear directly from PhDs, professors, and authors who study empathy and humanity in the workplace. It’s incredible to have this knowledge in one place and be able to talk about difficult subjects in such a safe space. Workhuman reminds us empathy can and should be a part of everything we do and how we navigate not only our workplaces, but our entire world.

3. Trust

Are you afraid to go down this road of building community at your workplace? Will you need to be the first one to stand up against bad behavior at your office? Are you always the one fighting for empathy and understanding, and losing your energy? You can trust that at Workhuman, everyone is on this journey. Some are farther ahead than others and you get the opportunity to hear from them. What did they try? What has worked? Trusting the advice and hearing the specific examples of other companies raising the level of decency and humanity in the workplace will build your confidence that you can do this too. Trust that the companies and people at WorkHuman are sharing their story because they want it to be your story too. Progress is happening and we hear about it at Workhuman!

4. Data

When you read words like trust and empathy, you might be picturing people around a campfire hugging each other. That’s not how we roll at Workhuman. There’s no fluff. The most difficult subjects are tackled head on. You hear people saying all the things you wish others had the courage to say, and it’s all backed by data.

Research has proven that companies which focus on building a sense of belonging outperform other companies. When employees have a sense of belonging, they go above and beyond. When employees feel valued and appreciated, it boosts your bottom line. You’ll hear from Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley about how this work is quantifiable. Workhuman does an outstanding job of putting that data in your hands to take back with you to your organization to start the meaningful work and have realistic metrics to follow.

5. Support

Another reason you should attend WorkHuman 2019 is for support. A dear colleague of mine once asked, “What happens when HR needs HR?” My answer is HR goes to Workhuman. We are human resources for each other. We are the support and tight-knit network that is always there. After my first Workhuman, I had the pleasure of having about 15 Workhuman employees coming down from Boston to my employer at the time to visit. We gave them a tour, had amazing conversation, and it was the beginning to many friendships.

I’ve also leaned on many people I’ve met through WorkHuman over the past five years. I remember crying in a friend’s arms during a lunch break at last year’s Workhuman when I was facing challenges I didn’t know how to overcome. She stood with me in that moment and throughout the past year. It takes courage to hold space like that for a colleague and I see Workhuman alumni doing it all of the time.

Over my five years, I’ve seen colleagues of the Workhuman network change careers, start their own businesses, have babies, lose their parents, and call me out of the blue when they had no idea how much I needed that call.

Every year I walk away with new friends and inspiration.

So, will I see you in Nashville, March 18-21, for Workhuman 2019? The entire Workhuman community looks forward to welcoming you with open arms! When you use code WH19LOVE200, you’ll get $200 off.

About the Author

Erin Miller

Erin Miller is the Vice President of Human Resources at PrecisionHawk, a drone technology company based in Raleigh, NC. She is a progressive people leader with a passion for driving innovative human resource and people-first practices within organizations looking to scale.

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