Top 10 Workhuman Radio Episodes of 2019

December 17, 2019 Mike Wood

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Workhuman Radio live

We started Workhuman® Radio in February 2017. Almost three years and more than a hundred episodes later, we are proud to continue to earn some of the top HR leaders as listeners and guests every week. And if you were at Workhuman® Live this year, you noticed our amazing mobile studio. Yes, I spent both conference days in a glass prison, but I was able to record 19 interviews with conference speakers.

As we move into 2020, be on the lookout for more traveling interviews, multimedia reports, and ways to bring humanity to your work every day.

Without further ado, here are our top 10 podcasts of 2019:

  1. The Humans Behind WorkHuman - Laury D'Oliviera

This was the very first feature we did on the humans of Workhuman, and we couldn’t have picked a better person to kick us off. Laury is the den mother to all of us at Workhuman and a daily dose of inspiration. Here’s her story.

  1. Older and wiser and … forgotten? Robin Schooling and John Baldino

This episode was taped at Workhuman Live in Nashville. It’s always good to catch up with Robin and John, two of my favorite people in the HR world. I struggled with how to approach this topic without offending my “older” friends, yet both John and Robin provided laughter and insight on the benefits of life experience in organizations.

  1. Lessons in Leadership and Failure with Kat Cole

I first came across Kat Cole when I saw her on an episode of “Undercover Boss.” Who knew years later I would get the chance to interview her? She was a keynote at this year’s Workhuman Live conference and was gracious enough to sit down for a chat.

  1. The Humans Behind Workhuman - Lynne Levy

Lynne’s story is amazing. She’s a mentor of mine and someone I respect immensely. It’s easy to be mad at the world if you are dealt with stage three cancer, but Lynne fought it with a smile and persevered. She’s a product marketing leader, a tremendous writer, and a great human.

  1. Wakeman Wisdom: Leaning into Accountability and Away from the Ego

Cy Wakeman is one of my favorite people. She drops nuggets of wisdom like bread crumbs, leading you away for a stressful, drama-filled life. If you’ve been looking for a little more zen in your life, and a little less “Real Housewives,” you should follow her.

  1. Workhuman CEO Eric Mosley

Eric is not just the leader of Workhuman – he’s also the voice behind the movement. His passion for creating a more positive work environment lead to the first Workhuman Live event 5 years ago. Take a listen as he looks back at how we’ve grown and what we’re working on next.

  1. Creating a humanocracy with Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel has yelled his way into my heart. He was at the first Workhuman, and he was just at the last. And what has really changed since then? Employees are still slaves to bureaucracy. Take a listen and learn how control and freedom can co-exist, and the things you need to do to let innovation thrive.

  1. Diversity Hedges Risk with Natalie Egan

In the last couple of years, you’ve probably been hearing more about the trans community than you ever have before. More and more trans people are coming out at work, and elsewhere in their lives, and many people are wondering how they can best learn about the trans experience and support their colleagues, friends, and families. Natalie Egan (pronouns: she / her / hers), CEO and founder of Translator is championing diversity and inclusion through technology at scale. Here’s her story.

  1. Using Data to Drive Business Decisions with Greg Stevens and Madison Beard

Greg Stevens is an analytics manager at the Workhuman® Analytics & Research Institute. His research focuses on converting data into insights that managers and HR leaders can use to make organizations better. Madison Beard is the lead data scientist and researcher at Cisco. Together, they are an unstoppable data duo. Embrace your inner nerd as we do a deep data dive to see how our data team guides HR leaders to better business decisions.

  1. Helping Women Advance in the Workplace with Addie Swartz and Lauren Zajac

In our most popular podcast of the year, our Chief Legal Officer and leader of the Workhuman Women’s Group Lauren Zajac joined Addie Swartz, CEO of reacHIRE, to discuss the challenges women face in advancing their careers and some innovative ways to address these changes.


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