Top 10 Favorite Blog Posts from 2014

December 30, 2014 Darcy Jacobsen

Year of 2014It’s been an incredible year for recognition. Or maybe I should say for the recognition of recognition! Employee appreciation seems to have finally come into its own as a way of driving results in a company—but more than that, as a way of make the experience of work more fulfilling, happy and human.

It was an exciting year for us at the Globoforce blog, too. This was the year that marked the introduction of our groundbreaking Service Milestones years of service offering. We published some eye-opening new research on work friendships. We introduced a new and exciting Influencer Series at SHRM. We presented at the NASA Goddard Leadership Colloquium in June. We even met the President!

Some of you may have received an email invitation to the blog that highlighted our top 5 most popular posts of the year. Those were:


  1. 25 Statistics on Employee Recognition
  2. Dangers of Employee Silence
  3. 5 Ways to Keep New Hires from Failing
  4. New Research: Performance Reviews and Positive Feedback
  5. 5 Companies whose Great Culture Saved Their Bacon

But we also wanted to take some time to highlight some of our other favorite blog posts from this year that you might have missed.  And wow, as I looked back over this years posts it was hard to narrow it down, but here are the ten we settled on, and a little about why!


1.     The Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition
Hands down my favorite piece of content from 2014 was the Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition. Many readers have written to ask if they can print and distribute it within their organizations. (The answer is always yes!) 

2.     Recognizing Across Cultural Borders
This is actually a whole series we began this year that has been very well received in those countries. Recognition is a human need, and this series shows how it fits uniquely into every culture. So far we’ve offered tips on how to recognize more effectively in India and China. (We’re putting the finishing touches on posts about the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.)

3.     Your Succession Plan Stinks: Finding & Developing HiPos
This post was picked up and reposted in several places as it offers some practical advice for how to spot future leaders in your organization, and make them feel appreciated and positioned for success.

4.     7 Quick Tips for Writing Great Recognition
Our bread and butter on the Globoforce Blog. Some practical how-to advice on writing more effective recognition. Check it out!

 5.     5 Killer Biases that Can Hurt HR
We also love organizational psychology posts in our blog. (Because we’re total HR nerds.) This post looked specifically at some of the cognitive biases to which HR professionals are most vulnerable.

6.     Transforming Company Culture Through Storytelling
Stories are at the heart of our humanity, and incorporating them into the fabric of your work community can help you to develop a stronger, more inclusive and tightly knit organizational culture. Here are some tips.

7.     We Are all Becoming Millennials
Millennials have had a powerful impact on work life. But those changes are not just for the benefit of millennials. We have all become millennials. If you’re trying to balance the needs of the millennials in your workforce.

8.     5 Tips for Building Trust in Your Organization
Trust is one of the most important factors in creating a best place to work. This post offers some pointers on how you can increase employees’ trust in leadership.

9.    Guest Blog: Why We Need Work Friends
We were fortunate to have a number of super-smart guest bloggers contribute to our blog this year. This post by Sharlyn Lauby of HR Bartender is one of my favourites.

10.  Culture is a Network, Not a Hierarchy
Technically this post was published on the last day of 2013, but since it came after our 2013 round-up, and this is probably our most revisited post (and was the basis for our NASA talk in June), I just had to include it here.

Top Ten Globoforce Blog Posts of 2014
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Thank you so much for reading and engaging with us this year! We hope to see you in 2015.

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