The Robots Are Coming – in a Good Way: AI and the Future of Recruiting

June 3, 2019 Lauren Brown


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“At the end of the day, people are the ones who have the knowledge. People are the ones who are going to get things done,” said Monica Lewis, head of product for LinkedIn Jobs, in the latest episode of Workhuman® Radio (you can click the player above to listen to the full 25-minute episode).

Monica was talking about how she loves the focus on human connections at Workhuman® Live, but much of the conversation in this episode revolves around AI and its role in the future of recruiting.

At LinkedIn, a Workhuman® customer, Monica was able to find a place where the work she’s doing is connected to purpose. “We’re focused really squarely on how to help make the world’s workforce more productive and successful.” And as part of the talent solutions team, the challenge of matching tens of millions of job seekers to tens of millions of roles really gets her excited. “I think the reason we're investing so much in AI is it's a really challenging problem to solve.”

And speaking of AI, the robots are coming – but in a good way, she says. In fact, based on the consensus of institutions like the World Economic Forum, tens of millions of new jobs will open up even over the next couple years as a result of automation.

She has a lot of insightful comments in this episode, but here are my three favorites:

  1. “Automation is helping take some of those more repetitive, predictable tasks off our plate and we're actually seeing the demand for abstract thinking.”
  2. “I think it's also not just about who the candidate is today, but who they want to be in the future.”
  3. “You never know where that next opportunity is, whether you're looking to grow your business, to grow your team, to find a job. You know, the first-degree network is powerful, but the second-degree is just a multiplier.”

Feel free to reach out to Monica on LinkedIn – she loves connecting with humans, hearing ideas, and having conversations.


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