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The Modern People Practices Redefining HR on LinkedIn Live


In the latest episode of #RecognizeThis, Lars Schmidt, best-selling author of "Redefining HR" and founder of Amplify, joined Dr. Patti FletcherWorkhuman’s VP of brand marketing, to discuss the challenges we have faced in the workplace over the past year and how what we have learned will redefine the role of HR for years to come.  

In this episode you’ll learn about:  

  • How to best engage your humans in the new hybrid way of working
  • The impact of the pandemic and this year's social justice movement on redefining our HR practices
  • How to modernize your people practices – to both drive business results and take care of your employees
  • The ways leaders can lean on and learn from each other to build more human workplaces 

Watch the full episode above for more insights into what we can learn from the societal shifts of the last year and how HR leaders in every industry can work to create a more human workplace, no matter what challenges we face. 

#RecognizeThis will be highlighting human stories like this, backed by real data, every other week in the new year. Join us on LinkedIn Live to experience it firsthand.