'The Gratitude Movement is Taking Over'

March 19, 2019 Dan Miller

Eric MosleyEric Mosley, co-founder and CEO of Workhuman, officially opened the conference Tuesday morning with a rousing keynote that emphasized the data and science behind the business impact of gratitude.

But before getting into the heart of his message, Eric recognized the accelerated growth of the Workhuman conference – now in its fifth year – by crediting the attendees for evangelizing the power of connecting culture to shared purpose by simply being here.

“The fact that you’ve chosen to come here makes you an innovator and a maverick,” said Eric. “And we are now 80,000 humans strong – the thousands who come to the annual event, the thousands who come to the regional event, those who join us on social media, and those who get involved with the online forums. It’s an amazing surge of interest in bringing humanity to the workplace. … Bringing humanity back into the workplace makes all of our lives better.”

Gratitude is a mindset shift

When Eric talked about the gratitude movement, he emphasized looking at it through a different lens.

“We always talk about recognition as the positive receiver of that reinforcement … but the act of giving is even more profound than the act of receiving. Giving recognition is a moment of gratitude – it affects how we think for the rest of that day. Gratitude changes the giver and has a more profound impact.

“Gratitude is bigger and more powerful – it binds people together and creates a symbiotic relationship. There are lessons for leadership that a little piece of positive reinforcement can change a life. … The gratitude movement is taking over.”

The data speaks for itself – through our customers

Eric pointed out the importance of reach, frequency, and value – pointing to companies like Bristol Myers-Squibb, Cisco, LinkedIn, and OhioHealth as innovators that are finding improved engagement and retention through social recognition, a core tenet of the Workhuman® Cloud.

LinkedIn, whose reduced attrition data was mentioned in an extensive global report on happiness, shows that even four recognition moments cuts the probability of leaving in half – from 8% to 4% – and that highly compensated employees’ chances of leaving decrease from 16% to 4%.

When someone asks the ideal number of gratitude moments to make an impact, Eric pointed to the data and the linear results when gratitude accelerates. “The right amount – is more.”

Tackling diversity and unconscious bias

Eric showed a moving video and images demonstrating the unconscious bias that exists, despite efforts to create diverse and inclusive cultures that provide equal opportunity regardless of ethnicity or gender.

Companies that implement recognition can see the data that shows where bias may exist in their organization – a powerful tool to give leaders new insight into the inclusiveness of their culture.

Now everyone can leverage gratitude

Eric announced the introduction of Workhuman® Cloud for Teams, which provide an opportunity for small companies and small teams to try it out.

“Today – right now – all companies, no matter what size, will be able to go on our website and set up their own social recognition gratitude program,” said Eric.

Workhuman Cloud for Teams makes it easy for small businesses or teams within larger organizations to experience the power of social recognition by enabling employees to recognize each other for exceptional work and demonstrated core values, fueling unparalleled, provocative workplace data and human insights while delivering transformative business value.

The future of work is here – and now everyone can experience it.

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