Social Recognition Takes Off at JetBlue Airways

September 18, 2012 Kevin Mullins

Culture is key at JetBlue. It has been a major differentiator for the award-winning airline since it was launched in 2000. But with its enormous success, JetBlue has been challenged to find a way to make its culture and recognition scalable with its growth. In a press release today, Globoforce announced that JetBlue Airways has been working with us to power its Lift crewmember recognition program. Just three months after embarking on the new recognition platform, an internal monthly JetBlue survey revealed an 88 percent increase in crewmember satisfaction, with rewards and recognition associated with positive behaviors.

“Living our values to drive our culture of service is what sets us apart from other brands. Our customers are loyal to JetBlue because of our unique travel experience,” said Joanna Geraghty, chief people officer, JetBlue. “Our crewmembers influence our culture most of all. This social recognition program with Globoforce enables us to positively reinforce the very behaviors and contributions that make JetBlue’s unique culture a measurable and valuable business asset.”

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