Drop the Playbook: Keep Your Performance Strategy Simple and Human

August 27, 2018 Sarah Mulcahy

Cliff Stevenson and Rosette CataldoThis webinar has already taken place. For a playback, please click here.

Are you looking to change your performance process? The state of the workplace – with a focus on teams and new employee expectations – requires a total reimagining of the way organizations develop their people. The emphasis is on the employee experience with a shift away from bureaucracy and forced ranking toward more transparency and trust.

This Thursday at 2 p.m. EST Globoforce is teaming up with Brandon Hall Group for an HR Executive webinar that will dig into the effectiveness of performance development as it stands today.

Drop the Playbook: Keep Your Performance Strategy Simple and Human

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Cliff Stevenson, principal analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Rosette Cataldo, vice president, performance & talent strategy at Globoforce, will share new learnings and actionable steps you can take to develop a softer, more human approach to employee performance.

Specifically, they’ll share:

  • How the shift to team-based work is changing how we motivate and develop people
  • Why positivity is so essential to building a culture of trust and openness to all feedback
  • The power of real-time feedback for managers and peers
  • A multi-pronged approach to changing performance management, including training and communication needs

Cliff and Rosette will also discuss new research from the WorkHuman Analytics and Research Institute and findings from Brandon Hall’s latest survey on team-based work, the ideal frequency for performance discussions, and the growing prevalence of real-time rewards and recognition from managers.

Don’t forget to register! We’ll see you Thursday.

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