Pay It Forward: Sharing the Recognition Journey

November 19, 2012 Darcy Jacobsen

On December 12 (3pm ET), we will host a webinar with Amy Montefinese, VP Global Total Rewards & HR Operations at Premier Farnell. Premier Farnell is a leading worldwide distributor of electronic components, and Amy will join us to talk about the process of defining and creating their strategic global reward and recognition program.

The webinar is called “Making the Most of Recognition: Premier Farnell’s Recognition Journey” and I highly recommend you sign up for it, not only because Amy is delightful (she is), but also because it is a rare opportunity. Working as we do within our own walls, we rarely have the chance to learn from the experience of our peers in creating great recognition programs.

We’re really grateful to Amy and the others like her who have taken the time to share their stories and lessons learned—and to inspire others along the way. The webinar is hosted by Globoforce, but make no mistake, it is Premier Farnell that will be the focus. This is your chance to hear their story directly from Amy, to ask her questions, and to take away ideas that might be valuable for you in your own journey.

Here’s a little write up on the webinar:

Passion. Team spirit. Respect for diversity. These are just a few of the core values tied to Premier Farnell’s company culture. With 4,000 employees around the globe, this organization knew its workforce was “hungry” for recognition. By directly tying their engagement strategies to corporate culture, Premier Farnell has been able to turn their employee rewards program into a strategic company initiative.

 Join Premier Farnell’s VP of Total Rewards, Amy Montefinese, and Globoforce‘s Thad Peterson, who will share:

  • How Premier Farnell unified its global workforce through recognition
  • The possibilities of recognizing remote employees equally
  • How recognition transforms company culture

Considering all of this, I thought I would also remind you of some of the past webcasts we have available , featuring other voices and other recognition stories. Perhaps one of them will inspire you.

Webinar: How Intuit Drove Employee Engagement to ~85%
On Intuit’s website they say, “We believe in the people who do things – the hat jugglers, the to-do list junkies, the masters of getting it done faster, better and more efficiently than ever before.” The way Intuit upholds these values within its company by promoting a culture of recognition that rewards innovation, performance and dedication. Listen to this webinar, and learn how Intuit used strategic recognition to increase employee engagement and unify its workforce around the world.

Webinar: How LSI is creating a Culture of Recognition
On June 21, Katie Scott, director of global compensation from LSI, shared the story of how LSI is working to create a culture of recognition that is rooted in that philosophy. Listen to the recorded webcast and learn how LSI created its Catch the Spark program, migrating in just three steps to a recognition program that nearly doubled its reach and effectiveness.

Webinar – Delivering a 21st Century Recognition Program during a Down Economy
Watch this webinar to discover how Symantec transformed their old legacy recognition program into an innovative strategic recognition program.  Learn how this program has revitalized their company culture and achieved significant business results, even during a recession.

Webinar – Recognition the KPMG Way: Driving Employee Engagement and Success
Watch this webinar to discover how a strategic recognition programme can help engage employees and create a unified culture.  This session explores how implementing a strategic recognition programme strategy helped KPMG reduce costs while providing employees with a proven tool to recognise the positive work around the company.

Webinar – First Choice Honors – Developing a Culture of Recognition at DHL
Watch this webinar to discover how DHL is using strategic recognition to help them foster a culture of recognition within their organization.  Learn about the steps DHL took to build the framework of strategic recognition, and how they are increasing satisfaction, recognition and employee performance within their global workforce.

Webinar – Fairmont Hotels: Turn Moments into Memories with Strategic Employee Recognition
Watch this webinar to hear how Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has used strategic recognition to encourage, recognize and reward outstanding employees who deliver on the company mission.  Learn about the challenges Fairmont faced on the road to achieving global strategic recognition, including the very unique challenge of recognizing a largely offline global workforce.

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