Moodtracker Selected as Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive

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Moodtracker™, a new, completely free, employee pulse survey tool that empowers business and HR leaders to listen and act upon the voice of their employees, was recently selected as a top HR product by Human Resource Executive in the employee experience category.

The panel reviewed 110 submissions, of which 16 were chosen as the most innovative new solutions on the market helping business leaders meet the ever-evolving HR needs of their organizations.

Why Moodtracker is being recognized

Amazing work cultures built on trust don’t just spring up overnight. They come from amplifying employee voices, asking questions relevant to today’s workforce, and then making the right changes.

According to Gartner’s report, “How to Harness Voice of the Employee Insights for Continuous Employee Experience Improvement,” effective voice of the employee measurement relies on three primary types of feedback: direct, indirect, and inferred. The goal is to paint an accurate picture of employee experience in order to improve moments that matter across the employee lifecycle.

In this diffused, untested environment with so many people working from home, voice of the employee is more important than ever. So how do companies stay on the pulse of how their employees are feeling?

“We want the world to know what’s really going on in their companies. And we believe that employees have a right to be heard,” said Eric Mosley, co-founder and CEO of Workhuman® during Workhuman® Livestream

With that statement, Eric introduced Moodtracker™, a completely free employee pulse survey tool that empowers business and HR leaders to listen and act upon the voice of their employees. Built by behavioral psychologists at Workhuman, it’s easy to launch, track, and analyze the most advanced survey results – even for those who have no experience using employee survey tools.

Moodtracker addresses many of the business challenges companies face today, including the ability to stay attuned to engagement, retention, and productivity challenges. This is especially true with remote workforces.

Moodtracker includes an unlimited number of surveys for an unlimited number of employees. The surveys are not the old-fashioned engagement surveys – instead they are created with scientific analysis of 50+ million moments of employee connection from Workhuman® Cloud.

Pulse surveys are now more important than ever. Here are seven reasons why Moodtracker is the logical, smart choice:

  1. Data science: There’s no guesswork around what, whom, or when to ask. Workhuman behavioral psychologists developed these surveys based on analysis of 50+ million moments of employee connection in Workhuman® Cloud, a suite of human applications. 
  2. AI: It’s powered by Smart Sampling, so every employee gets the right survey at the right time every time- There are no HR specialists or behavioral scientists required. 
  3. Natural Language Processing: HR leaders get a unique lens on underlying employee sentiment through written responses.
  4. Benchmarking: Survey results appear in easy-to-read, interactive dashboards that compare results with global and industry benchmark data. Advanced filters provide a view of results by team, and perform diversity and belonging analysis based on gender, ethnicity, or any other employee characteristics. 
  5. Infinite reach: Companies can send an unlimited number of surveys to an unlimited number of employees. Surveys include employee productivity, stress, social support, organizational trust, and retention.
  6. Automation: Automation features make it easy to “set it and forget it,” so  surveys run continuously, providing a constant pulse on employees without survey fatigue.  
  7. Action: Survey results generate intelligent, built-in, actionable recommendations to solve employee experience challenges.

It’s now easy to stay on the pulse of your employees – and create a more human workplace – with Moodtracker from Workhuman. Check out the infographic below for more information.

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