Meditative Running at WorkHuman

June 3, 2015 Laurie Ruettimann, Guest Blogger

“Go fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see.” Jimmy Buffett

For years, local HR teams have been badgering employees into participating in departmental weight-loss competitions. They’ve taken potato chips out of the vending machines and lectured workers about eating right and get more exercise.

For once, HR is right.

Exercise can boost your memory, keep you alive to see your grandkids, and may help fight anxiety. Exercise isn’t enough, though. Diet matters. (Trust me: it wouldn’t kill you to go meatless on a Monday and get more fiber in your diet.)

But while corporations want us to live healthier lives, it turns out that our commutes are growing longer and the best, high paying jobs seem to demand more of our time.

Who’s got time for cardio with all of this work to do?

Well, the working world is full of complex contradictions. The best way to tackle multifaceted, global problems is to act locally. That’s why I am inviting you to wake up a little early and run with me on Tuesday and Wednesday morning at the upcoming WorkHuman conference.

I will be leading a meditative run, and my goal is to help you start each day with a little self-confidence and awareness. The Hyatt Regency Grand Cyprus has a four-mile loop. We will meet as a group at the same time, do a few half-hearted stretches, and run at our preferred pace.

I will run with the slowest person in the group.

That’s it. Super easy. If everybody is fast, I will be the slowest. If you are not a natural runner, you can still join us. If you run intervals or prefer to run-walk, you can join us. Basically, if you are curious about running, you should run with me.

Everybody starts somewhere. Why not start with me in Orlando?

  • Are you not sold on running in Florida? I hear you. It will probably be warm. There’s time for a shower. Run with me!
  • Worried that you’ll look stupid in running clothes? Everybody looks stupid in running clothes. Run with me!
  • Worried you’ll mess up your hair? Nobody has good hair in Orlando in June. Run with me!
  • Worried that I’m lying, and you will be too slow and embarrass yourself? No way. I will run with the slowest runner, and there’s no shame or judgment on my watch!

A meditative run is a quiet run without a lot of chit chat, but it’s also a run that doesn’t wear you out. So join me at WorkHuman on Tuesday and Wednesday for an early morning, meditative run. The benefits are immeasurable. You will feel great for the rest of the conference, you might meet some new people without having to talk to them, and you will have great memories to take home.

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