Listen: CEO Eric Mosley on Tech, Innovation, and the Gratitude Movement

June 7, 2019 Lauren Brown

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Eric Mosley

“We started Workhuman because we knew that a lot of HR folks wanted to make the workplace a more human environment and there wasn't really a place for them to go and share ideas with likeminded people,” said Eric Mosley, CEO and co-founder of Workhuman®, in the latest episode of Workhuman® Radio (you can click the player above to listen to the full 25-minute episode).

Eric is the mind behind both the company and the burgeoning movement – and he sat down to speak with us at this year’s Workhuman® Live, an event that’s grown 600% since its 2015 inauguration.

From the evolution of the annual conference to the features of our global technology, Workhuman® Cloud, his insightful perspective makes the power and value of gratitude seem like a no-brainer. Here are my three favorite quotes:

  1. “This is a movement whose time has come … This is where the industry is going. It's where work is going. People want to work in places that value them as not just workers, but as human beings.”
  2. “When you experience giving, you realize that it puts you in a different mindset. And that mindset is more open, it's more authentic, and you're maybe a little bit vulnerable when you're taking time out of your day to show gratitude to somebody.”
  3. “Gratitude changes the giver. And what we want to do is make it a habit. And if we can do that, you can almost rewire the brain and you become a happier person, more energized by the mission, and more connected to your colleagues. That's where the real power comes from.”

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