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December 17, 2020 Jess Huckins

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thumbnail images of keeping work human episodesI don’t have to tell you just how wild this year has been. When stay-at-home orders came out in March, the teams here at Workhuman® shifted business strategies to help protect our humans, our customers, and the world. Then, when racial and social injustice roared to the forefront over the summer, we challenged ourselves to have difficult conversations and look for opportunities to shift the world of work toward a more equitable place.  

This journey to maintain and even improve everyday business operations – while supporting everyone’s very human needs for companionship and camaraderie – has been extraordinary. In turning our focus to helping other companies through this unprecedented year, we produced 52 episodes of Keeping Work Human, a video series hosted by our CHRO, Steve Pemberton. In our conversations with front-line and essential workers, people in industries hobbled or shuttered during the pandemic, human rights activists, innovative business leaders, and our own community, we uncovered a wealth of human and business insights.  

If you missed an episode or two (or all), here’s your holiday viewing guide to the top 10 videos from the series, based on play rates: 

1. Putting People First in the New Normal” with Tamla Oates-Forney, Waste Management (Aug. 4) 

Are you using a people-first approach to shift from crisis mode to the new normal? How does this impact employees? Listen in as Tamla Oates-Forney, senior vice president and chief people officer at  Waste Management, answers these questions and more on her path to creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces. 

2. “Making Culture Everything” with Kim Sullivan, Concentrix (Sept. 10) 

Culture is the heartbeat of your organization. Hear from Kim Sullivan, chief people officer at Concentrix, about what it takes to build lasting cultures and create opportunities for all employees to reach their full potential.  

3. “Braving the Front Lines of Healthcare” with Jen Miller (March 30) 

Our healthcare workers are on the front lines of this crisis and they face a completely different set of workplace challenges than the rest of us. Hear firsthand from Jen Miller, a nurse practitioner at a New York hospital, about the pandemic’s impact on healthcare workers and how they’re balancing self-care with caring for others. 

4. “Rising to Greatness Through Resilience” with Cy Wakeman (March 24) 

What can we learn from this moment? Cy Wakemandrama researcher and international leadership speaker, reveals how resilience and compassion can help us rise to greatness. 

5. “Supporting the New Jersey Health System” with Samantha Kiley and Heather McVey, AtlantiCare (April 15) 

The healthcare workers putting their lives on the line for others can benefit from cultures of recognition. Hear what Samantha Kiley and Heather McVey, two directors from AtlantiCare, a health system based in New Jersey and a Workhuman customer, have to say about how their organization supports and lifts those on the front lines. 

6. “Timing Is Everything – in Improv and in Life” with Norm Laviolette, Improv Asylum (May 26) 

Laughter may be medicine, but for Norm Laviolette, co-founder and CEO of Improv Asylum in Boston and New York, timing is what’s getting him through this challenging moment in his company’s 22-year run. Hear how years of careful business focus is ensuring the club’s survival. 

7. “Committing to Change and Demystifying Bias” with Tanya M. Odom (July 2) 

During this new collective push for racial justice, we’re once again having the same conversations – but what’s different this time? How can organizations meaningfully address systemic bias and usher in true change? Hear from Tanya M. Odom, global diversity and inclusion consultant, coach, and thought leader, about the commitments that can make workplaces more equitable for all. 

8. “Doubling Down on Recognition” with Chris French, Workhuman (April 24) 

In the face of uncertainty and in response to the sudden change in how we work, companies are doubling down on recognition. Tune in to a discussion with Chris French, executive vice president of customer strategy at Workhuman, about how expressing gratitude, celebrating colleagues, living company values, and amplifying all of the good things happening is what’s keeping employees motivated and engaged right now. 

9. “Styling Through Challenge and Change” with Gill Barr (June 3) 

No doubt, hairdressers were sorely missed at the start of the pandemic – but what were they feeling? Find out from Gill Barr, a freelance hairstylist from Dublin. From giving online hair tutorials to sharing how the industry will be forever changed, she chats with Steve Pemberton about her experiences during these challenging times. 

10. “Promoting DE&I at Work and in Our Communities” with Paul Francisco, State Street (Sept. 22) 

What does the chief diversity officer for one of the largest banks in the United States have to say about DE&I? Hear Paul Francisco, chief diversity officer at State Street Corporationshare how employee recognition fosters greater feelings of inclusion and belonging, how organizations can address microaggressions and unconscious bias, and how promoting DE&I is important not only in the workplace, but also in our communities. 

It’s been my honor to produce and share these stories in 2020. Thank you to everyone who brought this video series to life: our host Steve Pemberton, the Workhuman team members who supported production, and each one of our incredible guests. Cheers to a much better 2021!  


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