It’s People Science.

April 25, 2014 Darcy Jacobsen

Science of peopleWhen people ask me what I do, I tell them, “I’m in the thank you business.”

If they ask what that means, I tell them, “Well, I work for an HR company that offers employee recognition to some of the world’s most admired businesses.”

If they want more detail, I tell them, “I work for a really innovative, global Software-as-a-Service company that is revolutionizing how companies manage their talent and culture.”

What we do is connect people through the power of a simple “thanks.” We energize and strengthen work relationships. And technology happens to be how we do it. It is never an end goal… it is a solid foundation for our HR innovation.

Technology is transformative. It’s how we move forward as people. It’s how we’ve always moved forward. From the printing press to vaccines to Facebook. In fact, nothing is more fundamentally human than technology. Because mankind has always striven to move forward from the status quo and to dream new and better dreams.

When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, he declared it a “giant leap for mankind.” And it was. But it would never have happened without technology. In 1913, when Henry Ford introduced the world’s first moving assembly line, his goal was to produce a simple, affordable car. He did. But it never would have happened without technology. When I am on the road and FaceTime my girls back home to say goodnight, it is about reading them a bedtime story and giving them a virtual hug. But it could never happen without technology.

When a manager recognizes an employee for working all weekend to bring a product in on time—it’s our technology that makes that easy and impactful. When her co-workers add their voices of congratulations to make her feel even more appreciated—it is our technology that makes that effortless. When she uses her rewards to purchase a gift she can take home to her family—it is our technology that lets her simply choose and receive something she will really use and treasure.

At Globoforce, we consider ourselves first and foremost a people company. We constantly look for ways to make the flow of recognition faster, more shareable, more portable. Easier. Simpler. More powerful. But we never forget that these are basic human moments— merely made possible by the advance of technology.

It’s not rocket science. It’s people science.

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