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December 3, 2020 Sarah Mulcahy

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Last year Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella asserted that “every company is now a software company.” The rapid acceleration of technology is transforming every industry and job function – and HR is no exception. Though HR as a profession is fundamentally about humans, the ability to analyze and leverage data is becoming increasingly critical to delivering an exceptional employee experience. 

 “These new analytics capabilities are allowing HR teams to extract deep insight into the organizational health of their businesses, enabling them to be much more proactive with programs and support,” write Lars Schmidt and David Green in Fast Company. They also cite a recent report from myHRfuture that says people analytics was the top skill HR professionals wanted to learn in 2019. 

Armed with a compelling, comprehensive data story, HR leaders can demonstrate the business value of programs that drive human connection. But which data points are most compelling? What will make your CFO sit up and take notice?  

To provide more insight into the types of data stories that can be generated from a Social Recognition® program, we’re launching the new Workhuman® Research Bulletin, sharing key data points that will help you make the case for leveraging recognition to build a culture of resilience and connection. This first edition is all about the business value of social recognition, with data points covering how greater reach, frequency, and value of recognitions leads to: 

  • Increased employee productivity 
  • Lower recordable injury rates 
  • Higher in-patient satisfaction scores 

With each data point, we share: 

  • Methodology: how exactly we got this data point 
  • Business value: how the data point ties back to business outcomes 

At a time when every HR and business leader is looking for efficient and effective ways to lift morale and keep employees connected, this type of data is a goldmine. The bulletin demonstrates the value of a strategic recognition program and will help you make the case for prioritizing recognition at your company. 


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