[Infographic] The Secret to Building a Safer and Healthier Workplace

July 29, 2020 Aaron Kinne

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The physical and emotional well-being of workers is a core value of today’s most forward-thinking companies. So what’s the secret to promoting a culture of workplace safety? Employee recognition and engagement.

As healthcare editor, writer, and journalist John Rossheim notes, “A multidisciplinary approach to improving the organization’s culture of safety, including recognition and rewards for individuals and teams who move the ball forward, may bring the greatest benefit to companies and their workers.”

Here are some powerful proof points on how recognition can help your organization realize the benefits of higher engagement and lower stress – while making employees feel safer in the workplace.


Beyond Compliance: How HR Can Build a Best-In-Class Safety Culture

Recognizing and Rewarding Safe Behaviors Makes Workplaces Safer

Safety Culture and Just-In-Time Recognition

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