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August 13, 2019 Dennis Caron

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Workhuman interns

You know the stereotypical internship tasks: coffee runs, busy work, and if you’re lucky, perhaps fetching your manager’s dry cleaning. You won’t find any of those workplace stereotypes at Workhuman®. The company is founded on the power of gratitude – making every employee feel accepted and valued, interns included.

It’s my second summer interning at Workhuman and I am still surprised by how much I continue to learn. My first summer was spent in customer success and currently I am a product marketing intern. Being a part of multiple departments has given me a great perspective on the company, and the values, culture, and innovation are all reasons I chose to intern here again this summer. Workhuman’s official intern program started in 2018 with just seven interns. The 2019 program nearly doubled to 13 interns in Framingham and another six in our Dublin office.

Workhuman’s mission is to create a more positive employee experience for millions of workers all over the world. So in this blog, I want to share a bit about what that experience is like from the perspective of the Workhuman interns.

How did you hear about Workhuman?

  • “Workhuman seemed to be the perfect storm of everything I wanted out of a summer internship: a position in finance; no ‘corporate culture’ of cubes and shirt and ties every day; employees who are passionate about their company’s product; and most importantly people who like to have fun and joke around while still getting their work done.” - Brett Bisson, finance intern
  • “I found Workhuman through networking with a recent Bryant University graduate, Jacqueline Mills. I could see how passionate she was, not only about the work she was doing, but also about Workhuman as a whole. It sparked my interest and prompted me to reach out to learn more about internship opportunities. Now I can’t imagine having spent my summer working anywhere else.” – Nicole Matarazzo, e-commerce intern

How is Workhuman different from anywhere else you’ve worked?

  • “It is truly peer-to-peer recognition that is driving this company’s success, and they practice what they preach. I hope to see Social Recognition® software embedded in other companies that I might intern at or maybe even work for.” - Ryan Kilcoyne, field marketing intern
  • “A family is a group of people you can completely be yourself around and learn to grow with them. During my two months of interning at Workhuman, I have found my professional family. Whether it be the other interns or my specific team, I have learned something from each one of them.” - Keerthana “Keke” Balakrishnan, sales operations intern
  • “Workhuman is different from anywhere else I’ve been because everyone is so friendly, and the work environment is positive. People are happy to come to work every day. My experience here has been incredible. I learned so much and made some great friends.” - Bennett Psyhogeos, business development intern

How would you describe your experience here?

  • “I feel nothing but gratitude (and a little bit of sadness because I don’t want to leave!). I have learned so much about myself as a professional, as well as the potential of my work and where it can go down the line.” - Sarah Vandevaart, strategy and consulting intern
  • Being able to put the business skills that I have been learning in college to use in the real world taught me to be more confident in my skills, take more chances, and to not be afraid to ask questions. None of this would have been possible without my incredible mentors and the strong culture of gratitude that I experienced every day at Workhuman.” -Sarah Bloznalis, customer success intern
  • “I have learned so much that has helped me envision my future career. I have been part of numerous projects that have not only kept me engaged in the ongoing work within digital marketing, but also have had much significance to the marketing team’s goals and objectives. I have also built great relationships with the interns, my team, and others around the office.” - Jack Crowley, digital marketing intern

What was your favorite Workhuman moment?

  • “My favorite Workhuman experiences were the executive luncheons. I enjoyed learning about the executives’ professional backgrounds, the company’s history, and their professional tips/tricks for college and the ‘real world.’ I obtained great insight that I will take with me for future endeavors”. – Jack Crowley, digital marketing intern
  • “One of my favorite experiences was participating in the Human UX Hackathon during my first week here. The team was so welcoming right away and it was a great way to get to know colleagues in other departments!”- Brittany Chapin, product management intern
  • “My favorite Workhuman experience was the pride month party. It was incredible to see how supportive and inclusive this company is, and it was a great way to bond with some of my fellow interns. While I have never worked in an office setting before, Workhuman has had the most friendly and positive environment I have ever been in. Everyone has been so kind and helpful, answering any questions that I have and helping me prepare for opportunities after this internship.” - Max Willrich, multimedia intern

Interns who stayed

Max Corbett and Jacqueline Mills both started as summer interns and shared why they decided to stay:

  • “The moment I realized I wanted to stay was during the leadership lunch of my on-boarding week. The fact that so many leaders throughout our company were interested in learning about new hires was so special to me! Making work more human really resonates with someone who is already nervous about joining the ‘real world’ ... It was a no brainer when I had to think about if I wanted to stay.”- Jacqueline Mills, recruiting coordinator
  • “I was able to create amazing relationships and connections with my coworkers. This made leaving feel unnatural for both me and my team. Many people were willing to help me stay in any way they could, which was a great testament to how incredible my team is, but also to how close we became.” - Max Corbett, social media coordinator

An internship is an amazing opportunity. It gives young adults the chance to grow, learn, and experience the “real world.” The Workhuman culture encouraged us to be ourselves and bring new ideas and perspectives to the company. At times it was challenging and even nerve-racking, but Workhuman is the best place to make mistakes. In the spirit of gratitude, we say “thank you” to everyone who made our Workhuman journey possible.


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