How HR Leaders Can Become Culture Champions

March 17, 2021 Aaron Kinne

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In the words of Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine, co-authors of “Making Work Human:” “While leadership and every employee need to act in ways that promote culture, it is up to HR to be the facilitator, coach, and preserver of the culture.”  

How can HR leadership best champion a positive, productive, and inclusive organizational culture? After all, as a recent Egon Zehnder article points out, “Culture is the soul of the organization, and HR leaders are there to instill faith in the company by embedding ethics-driven values and rallying the workforce around a shared vision and mission.”  

Vibhas Ratanjee echoes the same notion in his Gallup article: “As the stewards and keepers of the culture, HR leaders are responsible for inspiring desired employee behaviors and beliefs – and in turn, realizing the performance gains of a thriving culture.”  

Now is the time for HR leaders to learn how they can create, shape, and enrich their organization’s culture – and drive business success. Keep reading to find out how.

Help align employees with your organization’s mission, values, and goals. 

HR leadership is uniquely poised to play a pivotal role in aligning the entire organization to a shared purpose and vision.  

And what’s one of the most effective ways HR can impact organizational culture? Employee recognition.  

A comprehensive, values-based employee recognition program reinforces company values and puts the power of gratitude to work, aligning your people and culture to a shared purpose. Because employee recognition is designed with rewards that map to each value, it integrates those ideals into employees’ everyday thoughts and actions. It enables each employee to understand, reinforce, and evangelize the values your organization cherishes.  

The bottom line? For HR leaders looking to align their humans with their workplace culture and values, employee recognition can be a key driver.

To discover more ways your HR team can become culture champions, check out this Workhuman® solution brief.   


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