Friday Listen: Holger Mueller from Constellation Research

August 31, 2018 Sarah Mulcahy

Holger Mueller

Innovation in HR is possible – and necessary – according to Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation research.

In his interview on WorkHuman Radio (click play at the top of this post to have a listen), he gives us a sneak peek at what the future of work might look like. Sure, we should be prepared for A.I., big data, and predictive analytics. But the sweet spot is the intersection of technology and humanity – working together to make work more efficient and productive.

Below are a few of my favorite excerpts from our 23-minute interview with Holger:

  • On employee performance: “It’s tragic that performance management does not work in the enterprise right now because that means the whole category of talent management craters.”
  • On organizational change: “Enterprise acceleration is about companies needing to move faster. Find ways of continuously being more efficient and more effective. For the first time, technology capability has surpassed what business best practice demands. 
  • On recognition: “Humans inherently want to get recognized for good work. And good work, when a company has to accelerate or transform, is changing – it’s not the same work anymore. Having reward mechanisms to reward good behavior is crucial, especially when you transform.”
  • On WorkHuman: “It’s the most un-software conference I go to in the HR circuit.”

Happy Friday, readers & listeners!

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