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June 14, 2019 Janna Millette

TechJam Crew

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Boston TechJam, a collaboration between local tech companies, leading industry groups, and the City of Boston, celebrated its seventh anniversary this week – and also experienced something new. Rain. And a whole lot of it.

But that's not the only reason this TechJam will be so memorable. For me, the event will be remembered because of the team who came together to make this experience something special for every member of Workhuman®, and every person who came by our booth. It may have been 50 degrees and rainy, until (coincidentally) we were packing up to leave – but it still brought the masses out in droves to talk about all things tech, innovation, and celebration.

Massachusetts is known to be an incubator of technology – where startups, academia, and world-class organizations unite to truly drive technology forward. TechJam is the hub where all of this comes together for one big street party full of food trucks, cold beer, games, and a whole lot of networking.

This was Workhuman's first year as an Underwriting Sponsor for the event. A huge cohort of Workhuman employees came out with representatives from all departments and tenures, from interns to executives. Each employee rocked a bright yellow "human human human" T-shirt (and more than likely a fashionable, clear poncho over it!) – but even more memorable, each employee "brought the sunshine" in a day that could have been downright dreary.

The music was pumping and our team mingled, networked, and introduced the Greater Boston tech community to what it truly means to work human. Our booth experience included some truly excellent swag and a Boomerang Photo Booth complete with confetti. 

And while the booth was packed with boomerang-goers, there was also excellent conversation throughout. Something that I heard over and over again from people speaking with Workhuman employees was, "We need your software at my job!" or "How do I get involved?" It's hard not to get excited when we explain the power of gratitude in the workplace and what it feels like to work for a company that truly values the whole human

And I have so much gratitude for my coworkers who made TechJam what it was. They could have easily thrown in the towel and skipped the traffic and the rain and the wet shoes. They could have opted out. But instead, they not only showed up, they celebrated. They danced. They jumped into the Boomerang Booth with commitment. They humble bragged to anyone who would listen about what an amazing place Workhuman is. They smiled and laughed and welcomed everyone in with open arms. They stepped up, pitched in, and did it with an unmatched level of energy and positivity. 

They showed exactly what it means to work human and be a member of our "Workhuman family." They truly brought the sunshine and I couldn't be prouder or more grateful to work with these amazing people. 

I hope the buzz created during this event will continue to spread as more and more people learn about Workhuman and how to join the movement. We're shaping the future of work and it was an awesome place to share our story with so many other innovators, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals. 

A big thank you to Mass TLC, the Boston TechJam team, and our own incredible humans who really made the day something special. I'm already looking forward to next year. 

But hey, I wouldn't mind if next year we made history for how much sunshine we got instead.

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Janna Millette

Janna Millette is the recruiting manager at Workhuman and just celebrated 3 years with the company. Surprising no one, she wants to make sure you know we're hiring. Janna's known for her overuse of hashtags, enthusiasm for all things Harry Potter, and planning events in the rain.

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