Get to know the WorkHuman 2016 Keynote Speakers

December 21, 2015 Sarah Payne

We’ve announced several new WorkHuman speakers over the last couple months, and we will continue to make more exciting announcements as we get closer to the conference. But for now, get to know our growing roster of keynote speakers below.

Picture of Shawn AchorShawn Achor

“You have to train your brain to be positive, just like your work out your body.”

If you attended WorkHuman 2015, you will recognize a familiar face—happiness expert Shawn Achor. We are thrilled that Shawn continues to be part of the WorkHuman movement this year. Shawn is a New York Times bestselling author of Before Happiness and The Happiness Advantage. A former lecturer at Harvard University, Shawn is co-founder and CEO at GoodThink, a team that offers training and resources on the connection between happiness and success.

Watch him here: The Happy Secret to Better Work

Picture of Gary HamelGary Hamel

“The human capabilities that matter most in the creative economy are gifts; they cannot be commanded.”

Have you ever heard the terms “strategic intent”, “core competence,” “industry revolution,” or “management innovation”? Gary Hamel brought these concepts to the forefront of management today. A highly regarded consultant and business speaker on strategy, leadership, innovation, and change, Gary has been on the faculty of the London Business School for more than 30 years. He’s the bestselling author of The Future of Management and What Matters Now and director of the Management Innovation Xchange.

Watch him here: Re-inventing the Technology of Human Accomplishment

Picture of Amy CuddyAmy Cuddy

“Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become.”

How do you feel when you are slouched over and closed off? How different do you feel when you stand up tall and straight? Social psychologist and Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy researches how our personal body language, poise, and presence affect how others see us and how we see ourselves. Her TED Talk is the #2 most view of all time and her forthcoming book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges is an Amazon “Best of the Month” book this month.

Get to know the #workhuman 2016 keynote speakers – @amyjccuddy, @shawnachor & @profhamel!
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We hope to see you in May!



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