'Compensation is a Commodity'

December 20, 2018 Sarah Mulcahy

Bring Your Human to Work Book Cover with Erica Keswin

This week on WorkHuman Radio we interview WorkHuman 2019 speaker and best-selling author Erica Keswin. Her new book, “Bring Your Human to Work,” is packed full of tips for designing a workplace that’s good for people and great for business.

The topic couldn’t be more timely, as organizations scramble to put together 2019 budgets and realize that end-year bonuses no longer cut it when it comes to retaining top talent.

“Compensation is a commodity,” Erica argues. “You can go across the street and get paid the same salary or a larger one. What differentiates companies is how they say, ‘thank you,’ how they recognize performance, and how much people can grow on the job.”

As you look at your focus areas for 2019 and beyond, are you implementing technology and programs that connect your people? Are you ensuring employees are shown appreciation and given feedback on a regular basis? “The soft stuff is really the hard stuff in this new world of work,” says Erica.

Listen to our full interview with Erica in the audio player. And don’t forget to register for WorkHuman 2019 in Nashville, Tenn., March 18-21, to see Erica and others share more strategies on creating a human workplace.

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Sarah is senior content marketing manager at Workhuman. When not writing and reading about all things culture, leadership, recognition, and appreciation, she enjoys iced coffee, running, and spending time with her daughters, Mabel and Eva.

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