Breaking Down Recognition

September 23, 2020 Sarah Bloznalis

Are you ready to discover what happens when you unlock human potential in the workplace?

In this Workhuman® episode of “Have a Minute?”, Dr. Patti Fletcher, VP of brand marketing, speaks with Niamh Graham, VP of global human resources, about the fundamental difference between Social Recognition® and employee recognition.

According to Niamh, “there’s a huge difference ... Social Recognition is all about peer-to-peer recognition, very different to employee recognition, which is a little bit more traditional, more on the side of manager to employee.” Niamh continues, “when we think about how we work today in terms of teams and collaboration, Social Recognition is actually a fundamental part of company culture. 

“When I think of our own program internally, the power of Social Recognition and the power of gratitude coming together, we see something magical happen,” says Niamh. “We see a company elevate, enhance, and give really insightful data in relation to core company values. It’s that magic that creates great companies and great company cultures.”

Patti agrees. “Nothing says I see you and you belong here quite like receiving recognition from your peers. It’s absolutely amazing.”  

(Each week, Dr. Patti Fletcher speaks with a Workhuman colleague on how to unlock the power of connection in the global talent economy.)

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Sarah Bloznalis

Sarah Bloznalis is a content marketing intern at Workhuman from Upton, Mass. She is a senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she is studying management and political science.

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