Best of the Blog: Top 10 Posts of 2020

January 11, 2022 Sarah Bloznalis

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2020 typewriterThis year is sure to go down in history. In 2020, we have faced a global pandemic, racial and social injustice coming to the forefront of our collective consciousness, and a monumental electionWhile it certainly hasn’t been easy, as this year (finally) comes to a close, we are presented with a unique opportunity to look back on the lessons we have learned.  

For the last four years, we have published the top-ranked Workhuman® blog posts (based on page views) to close out the year. This year, though, I feel especially honored to share the pieces that have resonated with our readers

In looking back, we found that what resonated most were not the posts about business outcomes or sales techniques – rather, they focused on the power of humanity. Based on what you enjoyed reading this year, I am confident that the future of work is human, and that this year has gotten us one step closer to achieving a world where everyone can unlock their full potential at work. Check out the top posts below. 

From listening to music to giving back and detaching from media, here are some simple ways to manage the stress and anxiety plaguing our workplaces and communities. 

The COVID-19 Challenge: We're All in This Together by John Rossheim (March 17) 

From the early days of the pandemic, here are three tips for keeping your workforce calm and collaborative in the midst of a global health crisis.  

Answering the Question, ‘What Can I Do?’ by Steve Pemberton (June 2) 

This year acted as an awakening for many. As racial injustice continues, more people are asking the simple, yet deeply meaningful question, “What can I do?” In an emotional call to action, CHRO Steve Pemberton answers the question so many are asking.  

Recognition programs are preserving and strengthening connections every day. This crisis is an opportunity to double down on strategies that attract, retain, and inspire your humans. 

Continuous performance management enables your organization to create a trusted environment in which employees feel empowered to take control of their own development. 

Humanity Loves Company by Steve Pemberton (March 31) 

These are trying times, but they are also an opportunity to share our common humanity by recognizing the good in each other. We want to help other organizations experience the power of gratitude. 

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding employee recognition. It will help you understand how it can transform your employees – and your bottom line. 

The energy and trust we build from social interactions have long been the bedrock of successful team building; connections help us collaborate, creating exceptional outcomes. 

We chat with a nurse as she describes the churning anxiety that defines the front lines of healthcare today and the relentless determination to do the best she can under the circumstances. 

A Call for Leadership by Lynne Levy (March 23)  

In such uncertain times, we need a new kind of leadership – one that inspires, motivates, and provides calm. One that is courageous and helps move employees out of an anxiety-ridden state. 


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