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December 23, 2019 Sarah Mulcahy

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2019Curious which topics mattered most to HR in 2019? Which events and ideas helped shape the industry and challenge the status quo?

As managing editor of the Workhuman® blog, I am privileged to work with our amazingly talented writers and speakers and to dig into the data to see which posts resonated most with you – our readers. The top 10 posts of 2019 listed below (by page views) cover a range of topics, from killing bureaucracy, to finding the courage to speak up at work, to leveraging storytelling in performance management.

We are so grateful for dedicated readers like you who share our passion for making the workplace more human. Enjoy this cruise through the most-read posts of the year and we’ll see you in 2020.

Courage at Work: Lessons from Brené Brown by Lynne Levy (March 20)

From being vulnerable to living values and focusing on trust, Brené took the stage at Workhuman 2019 to share the teachable skills required for courageous leadership in the future of work.

Don’t wait for HR – build your work family by Lynne Levy (September 6)

Working in a culture that is like a family is good for employees, customers, and businesses. Here we share four practical tips for building a sense of community at work.

Gratitude – the ultimate performance-enhancing substance by Aaron Kinne (March 27)

A large body of psychological, behavioral, and social research shows the power of gratitude in creating a harmonious, humane, and productive work culture. Learn how to build gratitude into your team.

10 Takeaways from Workhuman Live 2019 by Lauren Brown (March 22)

Inspiring keynotes from George Clooney, Viola Davis, Gary Hamel, Brené Brown, Geena Davis, and Kat Cole showed us human connection is key and gratitude is transformational for people and businesses.

A truly human approach to managing performance by Potential Project (February 1)

Leading with mindfulness, selflessness, and compassion makes you more human and less leader. It makes you more you and less your title.

3 things Gary Hamel tells us to stop tolerating at work by Lynette Silva (October 25)

At the Workhuman Executive Forum in London, Gary Hamel said to bust bureaucracy we need to stop permitting "creative apartheid" and preventing people from bringing their gifts to work.

Give feedback like a golf instructor by Lynne Levy (March 25)

When someone new to golf takes a lesson, there could be 100 things they must learn. But a good instructor tells the golfer to change one thing. Apply this process to feedback at work.

New Workhuman survey report: “The Future of Work is Human” by Sarah Payne (September 3)

The future is bright for organizations that leverage human applications to build up gratitude, empower employees to drive their own development, and take an unapologetic stance toward greater equity.

The role of storytelling in delivering effective feedback by Lynne Levy (January 31)

Stories turn feedback, which makes us ruminate, into contextual feedback that helps us learn and grow. Stories add an emotional element that provides clarity.

Here lies bureaucracy: Command and control management is dead. by Derek Irvine (June 25)

A cultural shift is embracing humanity and reflecting the way work gets done – most commonly in agile, cross-functional teams that don’t jive with the stuffy, 100-year-old, top-down management model.


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