A Blueprint for a More Human Workplace

February 4, 2015 Darcy Jacobsen

The workplace is undergoing a profound shift. I doubt that is news to anyone who reads us here, but for those who have been in the workplace as long as I have, it is still pretty stunning to see some of the recent changes.

Ideas like happiness, engagement, and positive psychology have taken root in the organizational vocabulary. Companies are changing how they make decisions around human capital. Millennials are revolutionizing what all of us expect from work.

What do we expect? More humanity for one. We expect to be treated as individuals. We expect to have a voice and agency in the curation of our work cultures, and we expect to build and leverage relationships at work to enrich our performance and our experience of work.

That’s why, more than ever before,  people are looking for meaning, fulfillment and camaraderie in their work. Leading companies understand this and are focusing on creating more human work cultures, imbued with purpose, happiness, appreciation, trust, and respect.

Most of us know that a great work culture is critical to a great employer brand—and to attracting the best and brightest. But the challenge has been how to actually create that sort of change organically in organizations. Enter a new book, published by McGraw Hill, and written by Workhuman’s Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine.  It is called The Power of Thanks, and if you care about bringing out the best in your employees, you need a copy.

Eric and Derek have decades of experience in helping to transform cultures from a “what have you done for me lately” to a “what can I do to make us successful” orientation—by building on the power of appreciation and recognition. For them, recognition isn’t just a business… it is an evolution of work, and a calling.

In their new book, they pull together all of their experience and the experience of our customers to weave a compelling narrative of change. And better, they offer a step-by-step recipe for how you can achieve the same results.

The book works by taking an intimate look at leading companies like Intuit, JetBlue, and The Hershey Company (all of whom use social recognition to reward performance and build trust and happiness in their work cultures). Using these and more real-world success stories, The Power of Thanks provides a blueprint for using social recognition to build a more engaged and energized workforce.

Whether you are a business book skimmer or a serious organizational psychology wonk, I guarantee there is something in this book for you!

I encourage you to order a copy on Amazon. (It’s already sold out once, and has already been named an Amazon #1 bestseller, so do hurry!)

Also, stay tuned for more news on the human workplace. We have an announcement coming in the next few weeks that is totally going to make your summer. =)

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