8 Signs of a Feedback-Focused Culture

September 12, 2018 Lynne Levy

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What does a feedback-focused organization look like? It’s an organization where everyone makes a point to recognize and celebrate all the wins – big and small. With a grounding in positivity, a feedback-focused organization is built on relationships of trust and openness. 

This is the culture here at Globoforce. It is almost tribal, where employees are emotionally connected to each other, to their leadership, and to the organization’s mission. Recognition and feedback are embedded in the culture in many ways:

  1. Feedback is an ongoing process up, down, and across the organization. I can give my VP feedback or even my CEO feedback.
  2. I am never in a meeting where it is just a few people talking. Typically, everyone is engaged intensely and passionately. There is debate and feedback over ideas and processes, but it is never personal. 
  3. The leaders at each meeting ensure that everyone has a voice. Some voices are louder than others, but the leader of the meeting typically ensures that everyone gives their insight. We are empowered.  
  4. I always have check-ins with my manager to collaborate, discuss concerns, and build plans for my career development. Regardless of the fast-paced activity for the week, the check-in always happens. Check-ins are part of an ongoing process to ensure we are all moving in the same direction based on the corporate strategy.
  5. The culture is one of collaboration to enable quick decision making.
  6. Creativity, idea generation, and active feedback are values within the organization.  These values are communicated through the actions of the leaders up and down the organization. They are also clearly spelled out with examples during quarterly town halls with the executive team. 
  7. Recognition is an intrinsic part of the culture. People are recognized for living the values, for innovating, for asking great questions, and for challenging the status quo.    
  8. It is all about community and connectedness here at Globoforce. Recognition is celebrated throughout the organization since it is socially visible. Check-ins and feedback are engrained as part of growing, learning, and being connected to the organization.

Globoforce’s WorkHuman ® Cloud solutions enable a culture like this both at Globoforce and other organizations. The solution facilitates the connectedness of recognition, check-ins, feedback, and priorities. It enables community to be built by automatically sharing positivity and individual growth plans with the community.

In this way, organizations do not need to rely on an awesome leader to remember to call people out at quarterly meetings. Instead, recognition is available socially, for everyone to see and comment on. Feedback comes from the crowd and can be requested or given freely. Technology leverages human connection to streamline the feedback processes, leading to further speed of innovation.  

If you want to improve your culture, engagement, and retention, build a culture of feedback.

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Lynne Levy

Lynne Levy is a Workhuman evangelist who lives and breathes helping organizations build cultures that bring out the best in the employees. Her mantra is “do what you love, love what you do.”

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