7 Ways Recognition at Scale Can Impact Your Organization

February 24, 2021

3-minute read

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we work. Whether employees have been telecommuting or maintaining social distance in the workplace, workforces have needed to shift to be more collaborative, connected, and team-focused, all while avoiding in-person interaction.

Work has gotten done because agile teams of peers continued to effectively work together to meet goals and achieve organizational success. Because of this, now is a perfect time to be thinking about how to say thank you to your team or company for the great work they’ve done and continue to do – a time to lift, celebrate, recognize, and unite your employees around a shared purpose.

Recognition at scale, or a team award as we refer to it, is a group recognition award given to all employees – or a large sub-group of employees – by a leader in your organization, and it’s just one tangible way to say thanks and give your team the recognition it deserves. Here are the top reasons why giving a team award should be the next thing you check off your to-do list.

1. They inspire trust and confidence in times of constant change.

A team award is a practical step to inspire trust in your teams. The acknowledgement of thanks shows a genuine interest and appreciation in your employees’ work and reaffirms their pride and confidence in the quality of work they execute.

"CAA Club Group in Canada uses Team Awards regularly to recognize the entire organization.  The team award, called Round of Applause, was sent on Employee Appreciation Day and other special events. This past year, a special Round of Applause was sent from our CEO as a moment of gratitude for everyone’s efforts to help CAA’s members and the community at large throughout the pandemic."  - Tony Tsai, Vice President, Corporate Communications & Services, CAA Club Group

2. They create meaningful moments that inspire great work, even in challenging times.

Unprecedented times, such as the one the whole world is experiencing during this global pandemic, emphasize the importance of finding ways to help your employees weather the storm. Team awards put the emphasis back on your people and enable them to see the value they bring to the organization. And the benefits linger. Even four weeks after a team award is given, Workhuman typically sees a 5.2% increase in weekly recipient reach and a 5.9% increase in awards per employee, compared to the four weeks preceding the team award being given.

3. They acknowledge employees for their continued commitment to a shared purpose.

Great work should never go unnoticed. Providing a team award gives employees a sense of gratification and belonging that promotes organizational connectedness.

4. They increase productivity and profitability.

Recognition measurably and positively impacts employee engagement. And engagement leads directly to improvements to the top and bottom lines, such as increased productivity, customer loyalty, and profitability. Recent Workhuman survey data showed nearly two-thirds of employees (64%) believed that giving and/or receiving a “thank you” during the pandemic motivated them to work harder.

5. They deepen engagement in your company’s recognition program.

Celebrating team, department, or organizational achievements draws your humans back in, all while strengthening the bonds between them. According to internal Workhuman data, team awards helped employees re-engage with their social recognition platform, increasing visits by 150% and boosting award nominations placed by more than 70%.

6. They enhance company culture, leading to improved retention and talent acquisition.

Team awards are just one element of a successful employee recognition program. Amplifying recognition leads to an enviable company culture, which can help entice talented candidates. Across industries such as technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing, receiving over five recognition moments in a year reduces turnover from 15 to 7%. With 12 recognition moments, it drops to just 2%.

7. They build a human-centric workplace.

A human-centric organization is one that balances operational resilience with employees’ need for human connection. A team award helps leaders maintain a thriving organizational culture that puts recognition and appreciation first and celebrates the power of humanity in the workplace.

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