5 eBooks on Building a Top-Notch Culture

July 19, 2016 Sarah Payne

Spencer RascoffSpencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow Group, recently launched a podcast called Office Hours, where he chats with other CEOs about what leadership means in the digital age. His first guest was Dick Costolo, former CEO of Twitter. They both agree that there’s “no such thing as overinvesting in corporate culture,” and Spencer expanded on his thoughts in a commentary piece for Fortune:

While standing desks and organic snacks are appreciated by Zillow Group employees, these perks aren’t what inspire and motivate them to do their best work. It’s our mission of creating the largest, most trusted and vibrant home-related marketplace in the world, our core values of moving fast, thinking big and collaborating, and our recognition that each of us is a whole person and lives for more than just our jobs. We’ve invested in these cultural elements since the beginning, and they’ve paid off.

At Globoforce, we wholeheartedly agree that culture is king. But what can HR and business leaders do today to build a top-notch culture? What is the ROI? Below are 5 free eBooks, packed with new research and findings to help get you started.


3 Tips for Putting the Human Back in HR

Only 63% of workers think their leaders care about creating a human workplace. Find out which human workplace practices actually resonate with employees, based on findings from the WorkHuman® Research Institute. 


The Psychology of Recognition at Work

1 in 5 workers have never been recognized at work. Learn the business benefits of recognition and how it serves as the foundation for a more human workplace.


Positivity 101: How to Lead in Times of Change

Mergers, acquisitions, and corporate re-organizations can be quite traumatic for employees. It can also significantly impact productivity. How can leaders ease fears and ensure a smooth transition?


The Psychology of Trust at Work

What role does trust play in the inner workings of our organizations? How can we cultivate more of it? How much does trust impact how a person feels about their job? Take a deep dive into some of the findings from a new research survey.


Why Happiness Matters at Work

Yes, it is possible to have happy employees who are also highly productive. In fact, the happiness and productivity go hand in hand! How else does happiness impact the bottom line? How can we foster more happiness at work?


We hope you find these resources helpful as you look to build a more human workplace at your company.

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